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Return to mellow Chinese culture and taste the essence of Zen life


return to mellow Chinese culture,

taste the true meaning of artistic conception and life

Stanley home

new Chinese "Zen" series

clear texture, elegant color

elegant style, stable appearance

interpret oriental elegance with modern technology and materials

integrate Chinese Zen culture into it

let you enjoy the beauty of the East and purify and sublimate the spirit

Stanley home new Chinese "Zen" The series of living rooms

inherits the essence of ancient architectural concepts in design, removes too complicated decoration, and applies modern glass and simplified window elements to the door panel design to show the Oriental Aesthetics of the unity of square and round, so that your home has a unique flavor of Chinese culture and art

Stanley home's new Chinese "Zen" series shoe cabinet

the simple design can often stand the washing and grinding of time. The simple but not simple shape, clear and simple color, such as ink color matching, not only highlights simplicity and elegance, but also feels a deep Chinese cultural atmosphere; The combination of open laminates and swing door lockers is both a shoe cabinet and a storage cabinet, both beautiful and practical

Stanley home's new Chinese "Zen" series of dining and wine cabinets

wine cabinets are designed with multiple storage compartments and hidden door cabinets, so that they are classified differently, strong and durable; The door panel is integrated with Chinese window tracery elements, and the glass is more fashionable and elegant. It integrates practicality and decoration, and is as beautiful as new as time goes by

Stanley American home new Chinese "Zen" series tatami study

the poetic and picturesque life is hidden in this book couch. Tatami bookcase combination helps you save 30% of space and expenses by using one thing for multiple purposes; The super storage design can accommodate the ancient and modern, contain all things, and purify not only the soul, but also the room space

tatami lift table

equipped with a lift table, the function can be improved in one second. It can be used as a spare desk, as well as a leisure table in the meeting room, or drinking tea, playing chess, or waving ink, which is fun

Stanley home new Chinese "Zen" series bedroom wardrobe dresser combination

Chinese style pursues elegance, but elegance does not mean insipid. "Zen" series wardrobes are beautiful in shape and exquisite in workmanship. With simple and elegant top line and column line decoration, they show softness and simplicity; With Chinese chandeliers and ink Chinese paintings, the light ink style pervades the bedroom, simple and comfortable, enjoying the Chinese Zen life


the built-in dresser in the wardrobe, with an open storage compartment above and a drawer below, is more convenient to take with you; Butterfly edge decorative board at the corner of the cabinet adds a sense of stability and beauty

warm colors, gentle and comfortable environment, whether it's Zen meditation, enlightenment, or life tasting, this new Chinese "Zen" series of Stanley home is the best choice





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