Maintenance of aluminum alloy Pavilion

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with the continuous progress of society, our pursuit of material life is constantly enhanced, especially in the decoration, we have high requirements for the beauty and function of decoration design, and also very high requirements for decoration materials. As for the aluminum alloy Pavilion used in catering decoration, we not only require its beauty, but also the compression resistance, sealing and thermal insulation effect of the aluminum alloy Pavilion, which is good in quality and low in price High cost performance is the goal of our customers

aluminum alloy pavilions are very good in performance. At present, the quality of aluminum alloy pavilions on the market is good, but no matter how good the products are, they will gradually lose some performance as time goes by, and will become obsolete and damaged. Therefore, we need to maintain the aluminum alloy pavilions to make them more durable. Today, Foshan Blue New Building Materials Co., Ltd. will tell you several maintenance methods of aluminum alloy Pavilion for your reference

first of all, we should often clean the glass and the frame of the aluminum alloy Pavilion. We should use soft cloth. Too hard cloth will damage the glass. We should use clean water or neutral detergent to clean the glass and profiles. If we use laundry or other detergents, it will gradually corrode the materials and cause material damage

secondly, we need to clean some slides, grooves and other inconvenient places of the aluminum alloy pavilion every once in a while. These places are the most difficult to deal with. We can use a vacuum cleaner to deal with large dust, and then use soft wool to clean the dust adhered to the grooves

third, we should check the aluminum alloy Pavilion once a quarter, including hardware parts, timely replace some damaged parts, and regularly add lubricating oil to keep the parts moving normally

finally, we should pay attention to the importance of our hands and feet when using the aluminum alloy Pavilion. If the activity of the aluminum alloy Pavilion is abnormal, do not use brute force. It is easy to damage the aluminum alloy Pavilion. First, find out the cause, then eliminate the cause, and then take proper maintenance

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