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Trex crane rapidly expanded the Middle East market at the beginning of the year of the horse. Trex crane rapidly expanded the Middle East market at the beginning of the year of the horse. Introduction: during the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2014, the crane business division under Trex signed several export orders in the Middle East market, including Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, It has achieved good sales results in rapidly expanding the market in this region at the beginning of the year of the horse. The total number of cranes exported from this batch is 1

during the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2014, the crane division under Terex signed several export orders in the Middle East market. The exporting countries include Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, and achieved good sales results in rapidly expanding the market in the region at the beginning of the year of the horse

the total number of exported cranes in this batch is 10, including one toplift36 truck crane exported to Bahrain as its core component; Four toplift55 exported to Qatar and three consecutive orders sold to Oman include two toplift55 truck cranes, one toplift55 truck crane and two toplift55 truck cranes. In addition, in the near future, Terex will sign an order for another two toplift 55 with another dealer in Qatar, who has purchased two toplift 55 from Terex in the middle of 2013. Terex exports truck cranes to Bahrain through direct sales; The dealers in Oman not only act as agents for Trex's cranes from the United States, Germany and China, but also act as agents for the subordinate Guinness brand of aerial work equipment; Terex has two dealers in Qatar. One mainly sells Terex's cranes from Germany and China, and the other mainly sells Terex's crane products from the United States, Italy and France

two of the truck cranes exported by Terex to Qatar will be used for the construction of local petroleum engineering sites, and the truck cranes sold to Oman will be used for the construction of Oman petroleum development company sites. Previously, Terex has sent after-sales service engineers to the Middle East for installation and commissioning of toplift55 truck crane for many times. So far, the cranes sold to the Middle East have been working normally

it is reported that Terex crane has always occupied a large market share in the Middle East. In 2012, Terex's off-road tire crane made in the United States accounted for about 16% of the market share in the Middle East, and Terex's Demag crane made in Germany basically occupied the high-end crane market in some countries in the Middle East, such as Qatar. Terex's truck crane has been sold in the Middle East before it has made great efforts and achieved remarkable results. This toplift36 is already the second truck crane sold to Bahrain, and there was another toplift 55 before; It has also been sold in Qatar and has sold 2 cranes in Oman. More than 50% of the equipment sold in the Middle East crane market is truck cranes, while truck cranes from China are highly recognized locally. The toplift series produced by Terex from China just meets this market demand. In the future, Terex will continue to cooperate with local dealers to increase market expansion in Qatar, Oman and other countries to gain more market share. In 2014, Terex plans to break through Saudi Arabia, the largest truck crane market in the Middle East, and do a good job for generating batch orders in the next step

Trex toplift series truck cranes are a series of cranes manufactured by Trex China factory based on Trex's global innovation and technology accumulation and more than 50 years of local crane industry experience, meeting the needs of middle-end customers in the Chinese market and overseas markets. At present, the products mainly include 25 tons, 36 tons, 55 tons, 70 tons and 100 tons, meeting the needs of various industries for cranes. The design of toplift series products in many aspects, double clicking the left mouse button, reflects the attention to user needs. For example, it pays more attention to safety details and further improves the stability of the equipment. Select the parts system of mature brands verified by the market, so as to improve the stability and reliability of the overall vehicle. Thanks to the selection of mature brand parts, and the selection of China's huge commercial vehicle parts brand, parts are easier to obtain. According to different markets and user needs, toplift series provides more options for users to choose, such as engines of different brands, euro iii/Euro IV emissions meeting different regulations, high temperature environment kit, low temperature environment kit, etc; As a member of Terex family, toplift series is supported by Terex system worldwide, including sales, service, technology, parts supply, financing, etc

Terex group

Terex is a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and one of the top 500 enterprises in the United States. Stock Code: tex. The test accuracy of the trek experimental machine will become more and more accurate. The current chairman and CEO of Gauss group is Ronald? Ron Defeo

as the engineering equipment manufacturing enterprise with the richest product categories in the world, Terex has long been committed to providing diversified equipment and specialized and reliable customer solutions for the construction, infrastructure, mining, freight, refining, utilities and other industries worldwide. At present, Terex has more than 770 products in its five major businesses, including cranes, aerial work platforms, construction machinery, material handling, material handling and port solutions. Terex manufactures the world's largest mobile cranes. After more than 80 years of development, especially the successful development of traditional and emerging markets in the past three decades, Terex has become a global multinational enterprise

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