At the beginning of the 11th Five-Year Plan, the c

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In the first year of the 11th five year plan, the paper capacity Committee focused on saving enterprises. In the past few years, the market competition in China's carton industry was very fierce. Price competition was the main means, resulting in the decline of product quality and economic benefits, which was not in line with the law of market economic development. The Third Council of the 6th China Packaging Federation proposed that "we should conscientiously implement the spirit of the third and fourth plenary sessions of the Central Committee and the central economic work conference, guide the development of the industry with the scientific development ship, adjust the industrial structure, and work hard to change the production and operation mode and the mode of economic growth." This year is the first year of the 11th five year plan. The key to completing the tasks proposed by the 11th Five Year Plan and the third session of the 6th Council of China Packaging Federation is to work hard, overcome difficulties, explore and innovate, and make unremitting efforts to achieve a good start and sustainable, healthy and coordinated development of China's packaging industry during the 11th five year plan. In order to implement the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" to adjust the industrial structure, change the mode of production and operation and the mode of economic growth, the starting point is to carry out energy-saving enterprise activities. Change the production structure, pay attention to product quality, reduce production costs, save resources for the country and improve economic benefits for enterprises. The paper container packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation will focus on the following three aspects: 1. at present, the five layer carton packaging accounts for 80% in China, and the two-layer carton packaging accounts for about 20%, which wastes a lot of paper resources. To adjust this ratio, less paper is used, which not only saves resources, but also reduces the cost of cartons in hydraulic rotation. 2. reduce paper consumption. At present, the base paper loss rate of good enterprises (the whole process from the base paper entering the factory to the finished product leaving the factory) is only 4-5%, and that of poor enterprises is as high as more than 10%. The loss rate of base paper is about 5%, that is, the loss of profit is 5%. Large enterprises have millions of yuan and small enterprises have hundreds of thousands of yuan. This is an amazing figure, resulting in the increase of enterprise costs and the decline of economic benefits. Therefore, it is impossible not to grasp it, and it must be mainly used for the movement of the beam of the experimental machine. Why is the loss rate of good enterprises low? In the production process, we should pay close attention to the loss management, integrate the damaged pieces into the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment, repair and utilize them, process the liners such as liners, spacers and liners, make full use of raw materials and reduce the paper loss rate. 3. focus on energy conservation. This year, the state made another adjustment to the prices of major energy sources. The carton factory is a large user of water, electricity, coal and gas. It is necessary to promote the energy-saving steam recovery device in the boiler room

source: China Packaging News

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