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Application and Prospect of automatic corrugated box proofing machine

China's packaging and printing industry has a history of more than 40 years. It is the largest and best supporting emerging industry in the domestic printing industry at present, and it is one of the industries that will continue to expand in the future. However, compared with foreign advanced technology, the domestic packaging and printing industry still needs to be improved. With China's accession to the WTO, the entry of foreign printing and packaging enterprises will greatly promote the improvement of the overall level of China's printing and packaging industry, and is bound to bring competition to this industry. China must introduce more advanced technology and equipment in order to occupy a seat in the international arena

China's packaging and printing industry is mainly composed of packaging and decoration, packaging and printing, cartons and cartons, plastic composite packaging, iron printing, cans and other industries in order to promote the healthy development of the industry. The total volume of packaging and printing industry can basically meet domestic needs. Packaging is an important part of the printing and publishing industry, and packaging products account for 20% of all printed products, with an annual growth rate of 5% worldwide. It is worth noting that the proportion of packaging products in Asia is 29%. And the growth rate of 7% is twice the world average growth rate. And when the packaging and printing enterprises are marching into the new twenty-firstcentury, those packaging boxes in life are also more lively, brightly colored and eye-catching; The shape is becoming more and more strange, which is completely an extension of personal imagination. Then, at this time, the production enterprises should not only pay attention to the design and printing of color, but also pay more attention to the combination and generation of box type. Cartons and cartons are an important part of the packaging and printing industry and a bridge for commodity production and sales. With the further development of the market economy, the market has higher and higher requirements for the cartons and cartons used for various food, alcohol, toys, medicine, small household appliances, clothing, daily light industrial products and so on

Relevant experts of the China Packaging Technology Association believe that in recent years, the focus of China's paper product packaging development should be in the following aspects:

· vigorously promote the computerization of carton design and proofing, so as to meet the requirements of diversified orders, multiple types and specifications, and small batch production

· in order to meet the high-speed batch production, try to achieve the electromechanical integration of the production line, so that the printing plates are interchangeable, the paperboard is self-sufficient, and the output of box blanks is automated

· develop various cardboard strengthening technologies to reduce the number of packaging containers, reduce waste, reduce energy consumption and save resources

· develop various waste paper recycling technologies to supplement the shortcomings of packaging and paper

· develop the rapid reinforcement technology of water-soluble adhesive for corrugated board to reduce the length of the whole machine

therefore, some forward-looking enterprises are looking for a combination of professional packaging design tools and carton proofing machines. Printing and packaging are inseparable. At the dawn of the digital age, printing and packaging are also facing great challenges and adjustments. At present, many cartons and carton packaging factories in Europe and the United States, as well as packaging and printing enterprises in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, have already used some professional packaging design software to generate cartons. For example, the impact packaging box die cutting design software developed by ardensoftware in the UK since 1988, and the 3D function of the software is used to form folded cartons. It can also directly simulate the real image of placing goods in boxes and on supermarket shelves, Lifelike, amazing! In addition, there are matching carton proofing machines, such as HSP series produced by German LaserComb company and the new generation Prodigi series launched at drupa exhibition last year. In this way, users can not only see the three-dimensional image on the display screen, but also directly and truly get the actual packaging effect of dozens or hundreds of boxes immediately without making die-cutting boards in the factory

in fact, a few years ago, many foreign-funded enterprises invested and set up factories in coastal areas, but most of them are export-oriented products. Now foreign enterprises have gradually entered the domestic market. However, China's carton industry is still in the stage of manual or empirical production, and it is obviously at a disadvantage to compete with foreign-funded enterprises with advanced technology and equipment. At present, China's carton industry has neither unified carton standards nor strict design methods. Designing carton structures only by experience and hand will not only affect the accuracy of carton design, but also make it difficult to design packaging boxes with complex structures and special shapes, and seriously affect the development of carton industry

traditional proofing is generally divided into three forms

· users provide films or patterns, which already have knives and lines or obvious knife and line contours. This one is relatively simple. You only need to make the corresponding indentation with tools according to the film or pattern, cut it out with a blade with the help of a ruler and other tools, and then fold it into the required box sample

· users only provide a document and their requirements. At this time, designers need to have rich industry experience and drawing experience, and have a deep understanding and understanding of carton packaging, so that they can open the customer's document with software to modify it, draw a film with knives and lines, and then make the box sample required by the customer as above

· if the user's requirements are relatively high or the number of box samples is relatively large, it is generally necessary to make a die-cutting board first, and then use a manual beer machine to process it. But there is a very practical problem here is that if the customer wants to make a small modification, everything must be done again, which will cause waste and delay time. Moreover, the customer is not necessarily satisfied with the result of the box sample, and may not place an order for production. At present, most of the box proofing machines work with a certain graphic design software. Whether the customer provides films, drawings, or only documents, they can be re measured, drawn, or modified by the design software, and then output into the format recognized by the machine, which can be processed by the machine with tools such as knives and rollers. First of all, the accuracy of the machine is much higher than that of the human hand, the working speed is fast, and the machine can work continuously for a long time without changing the accuracy; Secondly, the adaptability of the machine is very high. According to different materials (cardboard, corrugated paper, gray board, etc.), selecting the appropriate combination of cutting tools and pressing wheels can process high-quality box samples; While the machine is working, it can design and modify other box samples, and modify them immediately according to the actual box samples. In this way, it can be changed on site at any time according to the customer's requirements, and it only takes a little time to meet the customer's requirements; Therefore, the advantages of advanced, fast and accurate box proofing machines in the design and processing of cartons have been effectively verified, and it is necessary to promote them

1. Price -- the main factors affecting the price are: the transmission function of force sensor, material pipe clamp, body and tension machine. The working principle of full-automatic box proofing machine

at present, most box proofing machines include at least the following components: machine (including workbench); Electrical control and drive part; Vacuum adsorption system; Combined tool head (cutting/pressing/drawing); Graphic transmission and operating system; Some proofing machines must also have a compressed air system

the file graphics processed by professional software include the indentation line type, cutting line type (corrugated paper/paperboard/film), and may also include dimensions, document annotations, etc. (paperboard/film, etc.). According to the actual needs, install different cutting tools/crimping wheels/drawing tools, and transmit them to the machine in a certain format through the network or data line, The machine will automatically recognize various linetypes in the graph and select the corresponding tools (knife/pressing wheel/pen), and work according to the corresponding parameter settings, such as working speed, tool type, cutting depth of blade, depth of indentation, etc., to complete the box sample or drawing. In the past, grotesque cartoons and jigsaw puzzles could only be made with die-cutting boards, while some three-dimensional box samples and objects could not be designed at once. They must be repeatedly modified and assembled to achieve real results; The competition in the consumer market is becoming increasingly fierce, and rapidly changing consumer goods are constantly competing for their own development space. Therefore, manufacturers change packaging design more frequently in order to take the initiative in the market. It is normal that the design cycle has been shortened from a few weeks ago to a few days, and the production cycle of packaging products has become shorter and shorter. Everyone is comparing product quality and delivery speed to win more orders, strive to stabilize the old customer base, and try to develop and expand new customers as much as possible, so that the operation of the whole factory and company is in a benign state

the proofing machines produced by different manufacturers have their own characteristics, and they have their own advantages in shape design, machine structure and control. The following is a brief introduction to the new generation Prodigi high-speed proofing machine of LaserComb, a famous German manufacturer in the die cutting industry with a history of more than 30 years

Prodigi is a new generation of proofing machine launched by LaserComb company. In order to meet the high requirements of the packaging industry, the high technology and innovation adopted ensure that it still has convenient and flexible performance at high speed

standard working range: 800mmx1300mm (0813); 1600mmX1300mm(1613); 2100mmX1300mm(2113); 3100mmx1700mm (3117). At the same time, the working size can also be customized according to the special requirements of customers to meet the requirements to the greatest extent

it adopts advanced CNC controller and the latest control technology, selects high-quality drive system and Chinese culture color touch screen, and has manual, automatic, material, diagnosis and other functions. It can quickly call the working documents through LAN connection, and can also ensure the consistency of cutting through the height automatic compensation function. The z-axis motor controls the depth of cutting/indentation, and the adjustment is simple and flexible. Customers no longer need to configure compressors, and the installation and replacement of all tools are very convenient. The combination of tools is flexible and diverse. The general standard configuration includes paperboard cutting/crimping tools, corrugated paper cutting/crimping tools, drawing tools, and blades and pressing wheels of different specifications (0.71mm, 1.05mm, etc.) to adapt to different materials. There are also special pen options, 3D slotting/bottom die head, digiscan image scanning head, etc

the powerful impact software function, used together with pordigi proofing machine, can directly obtain the designed samples, and then carry out production after the proofing is good, so as to reduce losses, save the time of machine printing and die cutting, thus reducing the production cost and improving the competitiveness of the enterprise for the overall placement in the standard cabinet. On the other hand, many orders now require fast delivery, and the traditional manual method can't guarantee the production and quality of samples in a short time. The high speed and high precision of Prodigi proofing machine can ensure that samples can be designed in the shortest time, and production can be arranged after customer confirmation, which is of great help to develop new customers. For the R & D Department of a factory or company, the proofing machine can realize both look and change, which enables the R & D personnel to give full play to their imagination, make full use of the flexibility and adaptability of the proofing machine, and design more and better colorful products. Proofing machines often have the function of drawing, and the price of professional pen plotter with large working range is also relatively high. There is no great difference in price between the two, but the function is unmatched by pen plotter

packaging and printing is an industry that provides supporting services for the packaging of industrial and agricultural products,

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