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The impact of the application and promotion of PLM system on the management strategy of tire enterprises

in 2009, the tire industry took measures such as actively adjusting the product structure, vigorously expanding domestic and foreign markets, and changing the export mode; At the same time, the national domestic demand policy has driven the growth of domestic automobile consumption, making the rubber products industry gradually resolve the crisis with remarkable results. In 2009, the output value of rubber products industry reached 477.47 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 16.1%. The rubber products industry is the most dependent on the international market, and it is also one of the industries hardest hit by the financial crisis; In particular, the U.S. tire warranty case in the autumn of 2009 made the already severe situation of rubber products exports worse. In 2009, China exported 302 million tires, with an export dependency of about 46%, a decrease of 10 percentage points over the previous year. The reason for this situation is not unrelated to the current situation of China's tire industry. As a major country in tire production, consumption and export, China's tire production accounts for about a quarter of the world's tire production. However, at present, the concentration of China's tire industry is too low and scattered. It is understood that there are about 500 to 600 tire manufacturers in China. In 2010, the main task for the leaders of our tire enterprises is how to become stronger and bigger and occupy an advantage in the competition with foreign tire enterprises

in order to become stronger, bigger and develop, in addition to having advanced technology and excellent talents, the most important thing is to have good management ideas and a suitable enterprise management platform. Enterprise informatization construction is a systematic project. Some enterprises may need the integration of multiple systems to build a complete informatization platform that runs through the whole business flow of the enterprise. At present, typical information systems include ERP system and PLM system; ERP system focuses on improving the manufacturing capacity of enterprises, focusing on the control and management of "production, supply, marketing, people, finance and materials"; PLM system focuses on improving the product R & D and innovation ability of enterprises, and focuses on the management of intellectual property rights and intellectual assets. For tire enterprises to carry out enterprise information construction, the focus is to build ERP, PLM and other systems. Now most enterprises realize the importance of ERP to enterprise management informatization, but their understanding of PLM system is not particularly clear. Some think PLM is just document management. In order to deepen everyone's understanding of PLM and improve the management level of Chinese tire enterprises, especially the management level of product research and development

the following will be based on the in-depth research that Keith has focused on the tire industry for many years, combined with the actual cases of many internationally renowned tire manufacturers that have been successfully implemented, such as Michelin, Hantai, Jinhu, triangle, Linglong, South China tires, etc., from the aspects of tire product design process, tire design method, tire quality control method This paper analyzes the influence of the application and promotion of PLM system on the arbitrary control of tire enterprise management strategies and procedures from the aspects of tire manufacturing automation

I. The relationship between PLM system principle and tire design process

the product design process of the tire industry includes several stages, such as development application, scheme design, product design, sample trial production, pilot production, trial production and production, as shown in Figure 1. The definition of PLM system given by CIM data, the most famous consulting company in the United States, is that "PLM is a strategic business method, which applies a set of consistent business solutions to support the creation, management, distribution and use of definition information covering the whole life cycle of products from concept to extinction in the extended enterprise. It integrates people, processes and information". PLM system manages the data and processes in the whole life cycle of products, PLM system provides strong management support for the product design process of tire enterprises in principle. The basic functions of PLM system provide management means for different stages of each project, from engineers to supervisors, to leaders at all levels, to enterprise leaders. In PLM system, we can clearly grasp the design status and design process of each project; The project management module of PLM system is a powerful tool to manage the design process. It can automatically decompose each stage and task of each product design, dynamically master the design process of each product, and control the uncertain factors in the bud

Figure 1 tire product design process

II. The impact of the application of PLM system on tire design methods

in terms of tire design methods, PLM system can give engineers great help, especially in terms of design methods and design concepts. The basic function of PLM is drawing and document management, but it is far from enough for PLM system in tire industry to implement drawing and document management only. After some enterprises implement PLM system, they feel that it is not helpful to the design. This is why PLM system does not play its due role

according to the characteristics of the tire industry - the process of product design is also the process of process design. The PLM system of the tire industry needs to organize data with the product structure as the core. By using the PLM system limited by technical conditions, it can help engineers change design methods and design concepts, from focusing on drawing design to focusing on product design, and release the design and R & D ability of engineers, so as to improve the design innovation ability of enterprises

the product configuration module developed for the tire industry provides a technical guarantee for improving the design innovation ability of engineers, enabling engineers to focus on product design, which is the goal pursued by most enterprises, to achieve. In this way, not only the file version is controllable, but also the product version is controllable. Through the product structure, the construction table and formula table can be automatically generated and automatically entered into 4 Loading speed: 5 ± 0.5 kg/s. The calculation of product cost (quota) provides a guarantee for the automatic integration of ERP system, MES and other systems. To sum up, the tire design process with product structure as the core is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 tire design method with product structure as the core

III. The impact of the application of PLM system on tire quality control method

in tire quality control. First of all, PLM system provides the basis for quality control, and the process of tire product design is carried out at the same time, so the product BOM also contains quality control information such as processing parameters; Secondly, the PLM system also manages the version of products, so every modification of products is well documented in the PLM system. Engineers can query the information of product quality when designing products, so that the design quality can be effectively controlled in the design stage; Third, because each modification of the product is recorded in the PLM system, and the relevant designer can be found for each product design, it also provides strong evidence for the subsequent tracing of quality accidents

IV. the impact of the application of PLM system on tire manufacturing automation

tire manufacturing automation is the content highly concerned by the boss of the enterprise, especially when the enterprise develops to a certain scale, extensive operation cannot meet the needs of Lean Development of the enterprise. Tire manufacturing automation is the most reliable means to improve the production quality of products. To realize the automation of tire manufacturing, the relevant parameters of product processing are required, and the data related to products are centrally stored in the PLM system. Therefore, the PLM system provides data preparation for the realization of tire manufacturing automation assuming that the project will be completed in 2015. Through the integration with MES system or field equipment, the data required for tire manufacturing automation is automatically transferred from PLM system to MES system or field equipment (such as internal mixer, vulcanizer, etc.) through the integrated interface. The data does not need manual intervention, reducing intermediate links, reducing error rate, and improving production efficiency and product quality

Figure 3 PLM system and field equipment integration

v. conclusion

PLM system with parts (product BOM) as the core realizes the consistency of product data and product documents, and reduces most of the change errors. Construction schedule, quota, ERP integrated data, and field equipment data are another display form of product BOM data, which does not need to be input or modified, and standardizes the entry of design data, Put an end to the manual intervention of the intermediate process, truly realize one input and multiple reuse, ensure the uniqueness and accuracy of the data, and improve the design efficiency at the same time

case believes that PLM system not only provides theoretical basis for tire product design process management, tire design method, product quality control management, and tire manufacturing automation, but also provides a strong technical guarantee. The implementation of PLM system with products as the core can greatly improve the enterprise's R & D management level, improve the enterprise's automatic production level, improve product quality and improve the enterprise's innovation ability, so as to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise and enhance the visibility and voice of Chinese tire enterprises in the world tire industry

Keith tire industry solutions enable users to improve innovation ability, reuse company knowledge and product design and process design achievements, and reduce product development costs to maintain competitiveness through solutions such as raw material management, semi-finished product management, formula management, tire product configuration management, construction schedule management, and process management. Case company combines the national conditions of China to realize localized services. ENOVIA, the world-class PLM Software, was introduced into China's manufacturing industry. Closely combined with the actual situation of Chinese enterprises, it successfully implemented PLM projects in hundreds of enterprises, and became the most professional ENOVIA PLM consulting service company in China, so that Chinese enterprises and the information construction of international top enterprises can stand on the same starting line, so that Chinese enterprises can remain invincible in the international competition. (end)

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