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The application and installation of unidirectional glass

is widely used in prisons, interrogation rooms of public security organs, psychiatric hospitals, research rooms of university scientific research institutions, large conference rooms, etc. With a certain lighting effect, it can achieve the one-way perspective effect that the outside cannot be seen inside, and the outside can be clearly seen inside. The product also has explosion-proof performance

please install this glass in strict accordance with the following specifications:

1. The unidirectional perspective glass is divided into positive and negative sides. The front is a glass mirror, which is used to reflect light. When installing, the front should face the monitored room (that is, the space to be observed, such as the space where the suspect is located.); Face the opposite side towards the judge's position (i.e. monitoring room)

2. The light intensity of the monitored room should ensure sufficient brightness. The brighter and stronger the light in the monitored room, the more obvious the unidirectional perspective effect of the glass

3. In order to achieve the best one-way perspective performance of glass, ceiling lamps are not installed in the monitoring room in principle, and other light-emitting sources are not allowed. If there are windows next to the monitoring room, opaque curtains must be installed, such as sealed curtains used in hotels. Operators must be trained in advance. When using, it is recommended to turn off all lights in the monitoring room

4. If lights must be used in the monitoring room, it is recommended to use point lights, such as writing desk lamps (the lampshade is opaque) to narrow the lighting range, and control the lighting ratio between the monitoring room and the monitored room at 1:10, or a lower proportion, so as to ensure that the unidirectional perspective performance of the glass is intact. Note: the light cannot be installed directly behind the glass, so as to prevent the image of personnel in the monitoring room from being reflected on the glass surface

5. In order to enhance the overall reflectivity of unidirectional glass, it is recommended to install spotlights above or below the glass mirror. Premier Li Keqiang further clearly proposed "industrial interconnection +" in the government work report to strengthen the overall reflectivity of the glass mirror and improve the unidirectional perspective effect of the glass

6. The actual distance between the monitored person and the one-way perspective glass should be kept at least 1 meter

7. Unidirectional glass is special glass, and attention must be paid to protecting the glass mirror during installation. Once the mirror is damaged, it cannot be repaired

linear sensors usually have one or more reference Benchmarks (Note: Article 3 is the most critical and must be strictly implemented; Article 4 is a reference and adjusted according to the actual situation.)

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