Application and model analysis of putty powder mix

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Analysis of the purpose and model of putty powder mixer

the mixer is suitable for all kinds of prefabricated component factories and industrial and civil construction departments such as water conservancy, roads, bridges to mix dry and hard concrete, mobile concrete, cartilage concrete and various mortar. It can not only operate independently, but also be combined with the desired ingredients to form a simple mixing plant. The concrete mixer mainly has the characteristics of reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short time, low energy consumption and low noise. The lining plate and mixing blade of the concrete mixer are made of wear-resistant alloy cast steel with high hardness and high toughness, which has a long service life. The main members of the electrical control system of the concrete mixer adopt famous and high-quality components, which have excellent performance and reliability. The vertical mixer adopts the form of a round cylinder placed vertically, with a auger inserted in the middle, and the bearing is under the cylinder. Contact: according to foreign media reports, it is connected to a fixed mixing motor, equipped with a feeding mechanism. The materials are stirred and thrown up by the auger to achieve the effect of uniform mixing

model matching power (kw) mixing uniformity capacity remarks

9h3002.2kw 220v99% ≤ 0.3m ³ Vertical mixer

9h5003kw 380v99% ≤ 0.5m ³ Vertical mixer

eliminate the possibility of resistance short circuit

9h10004kw 380v99% ≤ 1m ³ Vertical mixer

9h20005.5kw 380v99% ≤ 2m ³ Vertical mixer

purpose: it can stir all kinds of dry materials, putty powder, mortar, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, etc

for the vertical mixer produced by our factory, the bearing adopts the double-layer sealing principle. As long as it is maintained in time according to the requirements, the bearing is absolutely durable. Now that the valve has been used in various industries, all Vertical Mixers should be tested before leaving the factory, so as to ensure the qualified products to customers

due to the influence of voltage, operation method, environment, product renewal in the factory and other factors, the output has changed. The final interpretation right of this product belongs to Dahua Machinery Factory, Hedong District, Linyi city. Please listen to the salesperson's explanation of the product in detail when purchasing the product.

high. The concrete mixer has reasonable design and structure, novel layout, and convenient use and maintenance

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