60% of the hottest land in Qinghai is natural gras

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60% of the land in Qinghai is natural grassland

release date: Source: China green times

recently, it was learned from the Symposium on the implementation of the "several opinions on strengthening grassland protection and restoration" of the general office of the State Council in Qinghai Province and the pilot work of national grassland natural parks that according to the second grassland resource survey in Qinghai Province, the existing natural grassland area in Qinghai is 41.867 million hectares, accounting for 60.5% of the total land area of the province, It is distributed in 8 cities and prefectures. At the Symposium on opening the oil return valve

the experts participated in an in-depth discussion on the implementation of the opinions and the construction of National Grassland Natural Parks, providing reference and practical guidance for the decision-making of grassland ecological protection and restoration and National Grassland Natural Park Construction in Qinghai Province. The relevant person in charge of Qinghai Forestry and grassland Bureau said that it would speed up the formulation and issuance of relevant implementation opinions across the province, implement major ecological projects on the grassland, strengthen the monitoring and management of grassland resources, solidly promote grassland ecological restoration, and comprehensively improve the management ability and level of grassland protection and restoration

in recent years, Qinghai Province has successively implemented major grassland ecological protection projects, such as returning grazing to grassland, ecological protection and construction of Sanjiangyuan and Qilian Mountains, and ecological restoration of degraded grasslands. The comprehensive implementation of grassland ecological protection and restoration is still at the lowest level in the industrial industry, and the grassland ecology of the whole province has been effectively improved. In accelerating the construction of National Park demonstration provinces, Qinghai Province has newly created four national grassland natural parks, including Suji Bay in Menyuan Hui Autonomous County. Through the full implementation of the grassland ecological protection policy, Qinghai Province has established a team of 42778 stewards to effectively enrich the grassland ecological management and protection force. In the long-term work of comprehensively promoting the development of grassland, we must first take the resource-saving development path. Qinghai province uses unmanned aerial vehicles and mobile terminal software to carry out the supervision and dynamic monitoring of the ecological restoration project of artificial grass planting on degraded grasslands. The continuous deterioration of grassland ecology in the province has been initially curbed, the function of grassland ecosystem has been steadily improved, and the ecological environment has continued to improve

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