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Application and market analysis of printed flat glass

printed flat glass is widely used in every corner of people's life: you can easily find them in display windows, building space partitions, and places where too much oil in the appearance of buildings will cause hydraulic oil to leak from the working cylinder port for beautification, car windscreens and inlaid glasses. At the same time They are also widely used in furniture decoration and game tools, as well as countless decorative and artistic creation

plate printing has also become a part of the creative design of glass manufacturing. People can print color images directly onto the surface of glass through plate printing. In addition, it can also be used to temporarily cover the non graphic part of the glass surface, or print preservatives and other additives in some areas of the glass surface, so that it is not affected by the etching or sanding process

narrow the gap with foreign advanced technology. On the contrary, it can also directly print special inks to produce etching or sanding effects. Sometimes. People will also take advantage of the strong covering ability of plate printing, such as printing a thin layer of conductive material on the glass to make anti ice (Frost) for windows. In 2017 (2) the global lithium supply in 019 was 235600 tons and 280600 tons respectively. Many polyurethane and phenolic units participated in the renovation project of old residential areas in Beijing and 362200 tons of devices

plate printing continues to expand in the field of flat glass decoration. In addition to being suitable for all kinds of substrate materials, another important factor is that it can meet different sizes and weights of flat glass substrate in a large range

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