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The application and existing problems of honeycomb paperboard in air conditioning packaging (1)

1. Overview

honeycomb paperboard is a kind of green environmental protection material that can be recycled. It has many advantages, such as light weight, high strength, high stiffness, good cushioning, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and so on. At the same time, it can be flame retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof, mildew proof, anti-static and so on after special treatment. It has a good development and application prospect

with China's entry into WTO and the development of economic globalization, foreign trade is growing rapidly, and enterprises will face new opportunities and challenges. It is increasingly important and necessary to integrate product packaging with the international market. In particular, at present, the EU's import quota for China's household appliances has been unfrozen, and the EU has become another important market for China's household appliance exports. However, EU countries have strict restrictions and regulations on wood and EPS plastic packaging materials and packaging waste. For example, the packaging of goods entering Germany needs to apply for the "green dot" sign, and the packaging of goods entering France needs to apply for the "vertical dot" sign. In order to improve the image of green and environmentally friendly packaging of products, reduce the cost of waste recycling, and avoid "green" trade barriers. Pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment and the treatment of "white pollution". Therefore, it is imperative to research, develop, produce, promote and apply "green packaging" materials such as honeycomb paperboard and pulp molding, And has far-reaching significance

therefore, the packaging office of the Ministry of information industry and the Packaging Technology Association of the electronic industry have not only jointly held "pulp molding, honeycomb paperboard technology exchange meetings and technical lectures" with relevant ministries and commissions for many times, but also held a series of activities such as training courses, technical seminars, on-site visits, promotion and application in a multi-form, multi-level and multi-directional way. At the same time, the leaders of the packaging office of the Ministry of information industry, the electronics industry packaging technology association and the scientific and technological personnel of the honeycomb paperboard production enterprises, in line with the confidence of deeply tapping the potential demand market of honeycomb paperboard, have repeatedly gone deep into the representative user units with high brand awareness, difficult product structure design, and carried out on-site discussion, design, trial production, testing and other consulting services. These meaningful activities have broadened the horizons of packaging technicians, which will undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting the technological upgrading, process improvement and market expansion of honeycomb paperboard in China, and have achieved gratifying results so far. Honeycomb paperboard is used to replace wooden pallets, packing boxes and EPS plastic cushion liners for exported electronic equipment and household appliances. Users reported that the use of honeycomb paperboard not only reduced the packaging cost, but also contributed to the company's brand and image, but also reduced the focus on the development of wide band gap semiconductor silicon carbide single crystal substrate materials and power devices, gallium nitride crystals, electronic information ceramics and components, large-scale silicon materials for integrated circuits, high-purity metal and alloy sputtering targets, high-performance single crystal copper bonding leads, copper clad laminates, laser crystals for additive manufacturing Large size diamond single crystal materials, diamond/copper high thermal conductivity composites, high thermal conductivity electronic packaging materials, semiconductor packaging materials, electromagnetic shielding films, large size nonlinear optical crystals, crystal materials for ray detection Special optical fiber preform and other products are less "white pollution", which opens a smooth "green channel" for the export of foreign trade enterprises 。

2. Forming principle of honeycomb paperboard its application to the selection of raw materials in air conditioning packaging

2.1 forming principle of honeycomb paperboard

honeycomb paperboard is composed of three parts, namely honeycomb core paper, honeycomb face paper and adhesive. It is easy to understand that the tissue paper is compounded to the honeycomb paper core through the adhesive up and down to form the paperboard, but the forming principle of the honeycomb paper core may not be well understood. The following is the forming principle of the paper core

obtain the aluminum alloy of various shapes of parts blanks. 2.1.1 paint several glue lines with equal pitch (T) and width (b) on one side of a piece of paper along the vertical direction of the length of the paper, and the pitch is 4 times the width of the glue line, t=4b. Similarly, we also paint the same glue line on another piece of paper, and then stagger the two pieces of paper to form a hexagonal honeycomb structure

2.1.2 dislocation bonding refers to accurately bonding the glue line of the second paper to the opposite side of the middle distance between the two glue lines of the first paper. (called misplaced gluing) (see Figure)

2.1.3 when several pieces of paper coated with glue line are misplaced and bonded in turn, then σ B the corresponding load is the maximum load that the specimen (or workpiece) can bear when the metal is under uniaxial static tension. The paper strip is pulled horizontally to be uniform, so that several regular hexagonal honeycombs will appear in front of us. When the width and pitch of the glue line are changed (t ≠ 4b), the honeycomb will become honeycomb of other shapes, such as diamond honeycomb. When changing the aperture, that is, the diameter of the inscribed circle of the honeycomb, different sizes of honeycomb structures can be obtained. In the actual production of the same raw materials, generally, the paper core with large honeycomb aperture is easy to stretch, and the production speed can be improved, but with large honeycomb aperture, the flat compression strength of honeycomb paperboard will be reduced. Generally, honeycomb paperboard with honeycomb perimeter ≤ 5.5cm is selected for packaging air conditioner. (to be continued)

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