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In September, 2012, fluke metrology calibration technology seminar Shenzhen station

continued its cooperation with fluke Corporation of the United States. 3. Standard configuration: three basic configurations of intellectualization: mainframe, microcomputer and printer. The metrology calibration technology and product tour activities were successfully held in Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Guangxi, Shenzhen and other cities. Recently, the two sides have worked together again, The 2012 Shenzhen Nanshan station 2012 RI TU technology fluke general measurement calibration technology seminar will kick off on September 7

organizational unit background:

Shenzhen Ritu Technology Co., Ltd., the organizer of the event, celebrated its 15th anniversary and is now the only South China core agent platform for fluke calibration. The mature measurement and calibration industry program has been cooperating with leading enterprises in the industry such as Guangdong nuclear power, Guangdong power, Shenzhen Measurement Institute, Foxconn, TPV, Fuji Xerox, Guangxi Yuchai, etc. with strong technical force and service system, abundant inventory, flexible and convenient settlement methods, and localized personalized services, it provides convenient services for users to conveniently understand, purchase and use fluke measurement and calibration products

as one of the largest comprehensive service providers in the domestic instrument industry, Nitu technology has established friendly cooperative relations with major world-renowned instrument manufacturers since its establishment, and has a professional and high-quality service team. With its own high-quality and efficient services and long-term efforts, it has become the first choice for major world-renowned enterprises and domestic instrument demanders. Fluke is also one of them. For many years, fluke has always regarded Ritu technology as one of its most important partners in China, and has long had a unique understanding and maintenance service system for many products

course Lecturer:

teacher liuguokun, senior manager of fluke measurement calibration technology

liuguokun, senior manager of technical support of precision measuring instruments Department (China) of fluke, has been engaged in the research and application of instruments and meters for many years. He studied and worked at the University of Ottawa, the National Academy of Canada, the University of Southampton and fluke. He once served as the director of the teaching and Research Office of measurement and control technology and instrumentation in Harbin University of technology. He has won the provincial science and Technology Conference award and the science and technology progress award of the Ministry of machinery. In 1992, he received special government allowance. He has worked in fluke Beijing office since February, 1995

Mr. Liu has been in the calibration instrument industry for decades. His main technical works are "precautions for the environment and instrument application of measurement laboratories" and "correct interpretation of measurement instruments and meters". His main lectures include: general precautions for measurement laboratories, precautions for electrical measurement laboratories, technical indicators of thermometers, precautions for measurement laboratories, precautions for pressure measurement laboratories, etc., with rich product technology experience, Mr. liuguokun not only has rich professional knowledge in measurement and calibration products, but also has rich experience and experience in product inspection. He gives professional lectures on measurement and calibration products in major regions of the country. He is humorous in teaching and has a strong interaction atmosphere with customers on site, which makes the boring technical meetings full of fun and humor. While enjoying professional skills and knowledge, We can better enjoy Mr. Liu's humorous speech style and find the skills of fast speed-up detection in this seminar. Some customers can learn to ask him questions that cannot be solved in daily detection. Mr. Liu Guokun is here to answer them one by one for you, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort

meeting time: September 7, 2012 accelerate the preparation of industrial plans Friday, Jinhui hall, 8th floor, Jinhui Hotel, Shenzhen

meeting place: Shenzhen Nanshan District Shennan Avenue International mayor Exchange Center (station platform: Baishizhou station, subway station: Baishizhou exit C, d)

registration method: contact Miss Yang email: yangcheng@

: free service: Fax:; Station

with the rapid development of manufacturing and industry, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for precision measurement and metrology calibration. There are certain differences in the selection of materials for parts. The general metrology calibration technology tour will provide training and explanation for product use, common problems and related technologies. After merging Haier New materials, we will communicate face-to-face with you to help you solve the problems encountered in actual use

the Shenzhen station of this seminar will invite experts from R & D, engineers, procurement, senior technical executives of the industry and other well-known domestic enterprises to gather with you on the spot. All engineers who receive the invitation (electronic version or printed version) now dial: 800 -- free registration nationwide

Nitu technology has been based in the instrument and meter industry for 15 years. While providing professional instrument and meter comprehensive services for the national electronic manufacturing industry, it pays more attention to the experience of customer localization services. Through its own development and technological maturity, at present, there are quite mature test and measurement supporting schemes in the instrument and meter industry. If you know more about our products, you can log in as follows:

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