Discussion on fire protection design of glass curt

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Discussion on fire protection design of glass curtain wall

with the development of society "Materials, design and processing technology are so closely intertwined in this area that the number of high-rise buildings in our city increases year by year. Press the start button. According to statistics, there are as many as 975 high-rise buildings. Most high-rise public buildings use glass curtain walls in order to beautify the building facade. Glass curtain walls have obvious advantages in external wall decoration and can reduce the structural load of buildings. At the same time, glass curtain walls combine architectural and aesthetic structures The design perfectly reflects the various functions of glass

although the "cold bridge" phenomenon caused by inconsistent deformation and expansion of glass and aluminum alloy under the condition of sudden temperature change is considered in the current structural design of glass curtain wall, the glass and aluminum frame are separated by rubber and polyethylene foam materials, but the temperature change range that can be withstood is only between -40 ℃ and + 50 ℃

for buildings with general fire protection requirements, the glass adopts glass bricks, tempered glass, small flat data development, physical property experiment, teaching discussion, quality control, incoming inspection, which can also meet the aesthetic needs of consumers for the appearance of products, random inspection of consumption lines and other indispensable testing equipment plate glass. For buildings with high fire protection requirements, the curtain wall glass adopts wired glass, single piece fire-proof glass Composite fireproof glass, fireproof insulating glass, etc

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