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40 years in Xiaogang Village: electricity has changed life greatly

on a cold night 40 years ago, Xiaogang village had not been powered on, and the village was silent under the cover of night. In order to get enough to eat, 18 farmers in Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui Province pressed their red fingerprints tightly under the weak kerosene lamp and began to work in large packages, which has since opened the curtain of China's rural reform

40 years later, earth shaking changes have taken place in Xiaogang Village, with small Western-style buildings, spacious and clean streets and rows of shops. By taking the reform and opening-up express, Xiaogang village has been powered by four 110 kV lines from no electricity to the present, which truly realizes the worry free use of electricity and getting rich with electricity. This newspaper went into Xiaogang Village, visited many Xiaogang people on the spot, and listened to them talk about the changes of Xiaogang people's electricity use in the past 40 years

light up! The dark night is gone forever.

Xiaogang Village in 1978 has not been powered on. Winter nights come early, and the village is soon dark and quiet

on such a cold and dark night, most villagers don't go out. However, after nine months of drought and no harvest, the 18 heads of household in Xiaogang village can't sit still. On November 24, they went out in the dark and quietly gathered in the thatched cottage of the villager Yan Lihua's house to discuss the way out for Xiaogang

at that time, the policy did not allow the distribution of fields to households. People who came to the party were dignified and kept smoking. Finally, yanhongchang, the deputy leader of Xiaogang Village production team, broke the silence and encouraged everyone to start doing big contracts to get rid of the current dilemma. Eighteen farmers pressed their red fingerprints on the signature of a piece of paper

the light of the kerosene lamp was very dark that day, and it was difficult to find the name on the paper when pressing the fingerprint. Talking about the scene of that year, Yan Jinchang, one of the leaders of Baogan, still has a fresh memory. At the age of 35 that year, he was used to dark nights and dared not think about the life of upstairs and downstairs and electric lights. In that year, Xiaogang Village explained the significance of the location of the meeting in Baoding, and the annual per capita net income was only 22 yuan

when Xiaogang village was not powered on, Yan Hongchang's eldest son, Yan Yushan, was in primary school and needed to light kerosene lamps to do his homework at night. At that time, it was very inconvenient to buy kerosene. I had to walk 20 miles to the town to buy it. Later, my family bought a tractor, so I used the gasoline in the tractor as a light. The light was very dark, so I had to lean hard in front of the light to see the words, but it was too close to the light, and the oil smoke made my eyes ache. Yan Yushan couldn't help but compare the way he did his homework that year

big package work has made Xiaogang people cross the food and clothing line and look forward to electricity more. In 1982, Xiaogang village was electrified, and a 220 volt low-voltage line was connected from the village. Four surrounding villages shared a 50 KVA transformer. The local power department explored the route of wire erection for Xiaogang Village and developed a power supply scheme. Wang Bo, an old electrician who worked in 1982, recalled that at that time, there was a shortage of electricians, and there was no machine. Hundreds of electric poles were lifted by people on their shoulders and erected bit by bit

on the night of power on, Xiaogang village was full of cheers. At that time, only 5-watt bulbs were used at home, and there were only oneortwo bulbs in each family, but I felt so bright! Only a few families have TV. In the evening, everyone goes to the family with TV to occupy a place. If they go late, there will be no place! Recalling the scene of power on at that time, Yan Yushan's face was filled with happiness. With power, he felt that life had a beginning

happy! Don't worry about using electricity any longer

the joy of being powered on soon after, Yan Jinchang found that electricity was always insufficient. People in the village often visit the house. When they see a new electrical appliance, they will buy it. When there are more electrical appliances, the transformer in the village can't afford it. Power cuts are common. Yan Jinchang recalled

it was normal at that time to cut off power as soon as there was thunder. Yan Jinchang's deepest memory was that in the summer of 1987, there was a heavy rainstorm. The transformer in Xiaogang village was burned out and maintained for a long time. The village didn't use electricity for months

in the 1990s, the problems of poor power supply facilities and weak electricity in rural areas became more prominent. In case of major events such as marriage, the villagers will invite electricians to check at home in advance. An electrician must be asked to confirm whether the electrical appliances at the wedding can be used, otherwise the power failure will be bad. Yan Jinchang explained

as the contradiction between the growing demand of rural people for electricity and the weak development of rural electricity is becoming more and more prominent, the state has begun to pay attention to the transformation and upgrading of rural electricity. In 1998, the state implemented the major reform of the power system and electricity price. The local power supply department implemented the power transformation for Xiaogang Village, invested 1.35 million yuan, erected 10 kV bare aluminum lines, the wire diameter increased from 16, 25 square millimeters to 35 square millimeters, the wire pole was changed from 7 meters of wood pole to 8-10 meters of cement pole, and a 160 KVA transformer was specially installed. The voltage stabilized and the electricity bill fell. The villagers were very happy and began to buy a variety of electrical appliances. Yan Jinchang bought two air conditioners, but after just using them for a year, he found that there was not enough electricity during the peak period, and the air conditioner at home became a decoration

the problem will be solved. Yan Jinchang is always optimistic. In 2002, the national power company was established, accelerating the pace of agricultural transformation. The diameter of bare aluminum wires erected in Xiaogang village has risen to 50 square millimeters, and the transformer has been replaced with 315 KVA, so the villagers can finally use electricity at ease

in 2008, under the leadership of Shen Hao, the first Secretary of Xiaogang Village, Xiaogang Village attracted investment, and modern agriculture, tourism, industry and other industries developed together. This year, the village added a 100 KVA transformer and two 10 kV lines. The Yan Jinchang family built a new building and opened a farmhouse, named Jinchang restaurant

since 2008, Yan Jinchang Brinell hardness tester doesn't know how to repair it? Seeing that the power facilities in the village are getting better and better. In 2015, the 110kV Xiaogang village power transmission and transformation project and supporting electricity were successively put into operation. In 2017, the 35 kV Xiaoxihe substation completed capacity expansion, realizing three substations and four 10 kV lines to supply power to Xiaogang Village ring, and the reliability of power supply in Xiaogang area was greatly improved. At the same time, Fengyang County power supply company accelerated the transformation of Xiaogang Village and the improvement of operation and maintenance quality. The average household capacity of Xiaogang Village reached 3.62 KVA, far higher than the national rural average

Yan Jinchang is particularly satisfied with the current power supply service. In the past, it was necessary to find an electrician to repair by himself. Sometimes the electrician would have to wait a long time when he was not at home. Now, the staff of the power supply station comes, and the service is considerate, just like their own people. Yan Jinchang said

now, Yan Jinchang's family has a monthly electricity charge of more than 2000 yuan, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of the whole village when the power was first connected

now, the 75 year old man welcomes tourists from all directions every day. He says his life is getting brighter and brighter

rich! Electrification helps small villages strive for big brands

in the field in the south of Xiaogang Village, Cheng Xi, 55, was busy in his own field when he saw that non professionals did not want to operate soldiers

Cheng Xibing is a small hillock native. Since 2014, he has planted more than 430 mu of land through land circulation and generation planting, becoming a famous grain farmer in the village. Every August is the critical period for rice growth. We must ensure that there is enough water. If the water is not in place, no matter how well the early management is, there will be no harvest, and a few months of hard work will be in vain. When talking about irrigation water, Cheng Xibing said with a smile, it can't be separated from electricity! It turned out that the terrain of Xiaogang village was uneven, and the villagers needed to lead water to the fields through electric pumps. In Cheng Xibing's words, if there was no electricity, there would be no water, and his crops would suffer. Relying on sufficient power supply, Cheng Xibing's fields have basically realized mechanized production, with an annual income of about 200000 yuan. But Cheng Xibing is not satisfied. He is studying the production of organic rice and is ready to let the brand Xiaogang carry forward

with enough electricity, rural electrification projects are advancing rapidly. According to linghaitao, general manager of Anhui Fengyang County power supply company, since the implementation of the new rural electrification construction in 2007, Fengyang County power supply company has successively built 6 electrified townships (towns) and 67 electrified villages, increased 109 distribution transformers, and erected 133.87 kilometers of lines. The proportion of electrified townships and towns reached 37.5%, and the proportion of electrified villages reached 34.5%. Linghaitao said: this year, Fengyang County power supply company invested 2.65 million yuan to speed up the pace of new rural electrification construction, adding 18 distribution transformers and erecting 21.6 kilometers of lines, and strive to achieve a new rural electrification county by the end of this year

recently, due to the good catalytic effect of rare earth nanoparticles and some nano base metal oxides, the number of investment projects in the deep processing Industrial Park of agricultural products in Xiaogang village has been increasing, and various enterprises have been stationed, and the reported installation capacity has increased. In order to meet the power demand of enterprises, Fengyang County power supply company has built a new 10kV line project for it, including about 10.078 kilometers of overhead lines and about 1.666 kilometers of cable lines, The reliability of power supply in the park has been greatly improved

like many Xiaogang people, Yan Yushan, who goes out and wanders, pays special attention to building Xiaogang's brand. Over the years, he has established five enterprises, involving processing industry, building materials industry, energy and other industries, and each of them has the word Xiaogang. In recent years, he found that with the rapid development of the economy, the demand for energy conservation of enterprises is increasing, especially the saving of electric energy. Therefore, in 2006, Yan Yushan established Xiaogang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. to independently develop a variety of energy-saving equipment. Dozens of patent certificates have been placed in his home

in 2014, Yan Yushan followed his father's advice and returned to Xiaogang village to start e-commerce and logistics businesses. Now Internet has entered thousands of households, and everyone is used to buying. Therefore, Yan Yushan has signed agency agreements with major logistics companies. Now every evening, Yan Yushan drives to the town to mail Xiaogang's local specialties to all parts of the country and take Xiaogang's express packages back to the village. Nowadays, Xiaogang people especially cherish the brand Xiaogang. Through unremitting efforts, the per capita annual income of Xiaogang Village reached 18000 yuan in 2017, 818 times that of 1978. At present, rural development cannot be separated from electricity, and the connection between electricity and economic development is becoming closer and closer. Relying on Xiaogang's reliable power supply, I hope to build Xiaogang's brand better and better. Yan Yushan said

Xiaogang village is just an epitome of China's rural development. Supported by strong electricity, the countryside is becoming more and more beautiful, the people are getting richer and richer, and the rural economy is becoming more and more prosperous

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