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Discussion on establishing the evaluation index system of sales packaging value

how to evaluate sales packaging under the condition of market economy is a problem that every packaging worker is concerned about. From the perspective of material value, economic value and spiritual value brought by packaging, the packaging value index system is determined, and the characteristics of the evaluation index are analyzed

under the condition of socialist market economy, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, in the marketing activities, there are a variety of evaluation activities on packaging from different angles. Critics believe that packaging can reduce losses and circulation costs; Packaging can improve the value of goods and promote sales; Packaging can provide convenience for consumers, reduce losses and so on. Detractors believe that packaging increases costs, wastes raw materials, and causes a lot of waste; Deceptive packaging and excessive packaging, so that consumers suffer losses and so on. How to correctly analyze and evaluate the sales package, how to comprehensively evaluate and consider the multiple objectives of package non damage, promotion and display, saving materials and so on, has become an urgent problem to be solved. For this kind of problems, we should not only stay in qualitative analysis, but also conduct in-depth quantitative analysis

the essence of packaging evaluation is the cognition of the use value of packaging

when buying goods, consumers often have to consider whether it is cost-effective to buy goods with the same packaging or another packaging; When commodity producers choose packaging, they often have to consider which packaging is more appropriate; When packaging product operators organize the production of packaging products, they often need to consider which packaging forms to develop. All the above evaluation activities on packaging, in essence, belong to the evaluation activities on the use value of packaging, which are generated around the problem that packaging should meet the needs of consumers, producers, operators, the whole society and marketing activities to realize its use value. 

determination of indicators

since the essence of packaging evaluation is the cognition of packaging use value, the index system of packaging evaluation should be determined by discussing the effect of realizing packaging use value

packaging of goods during production is conducive to improving the production efficiency of finished products and reducing costs; Good commodity packaging in circulation can improve the efficiency of commodity transportation and loading and unloading, and reduce labor intensity and cost; In consumption, good sales packaging can play the role of a silent salesman and promote the growth of sales. In addition, it also provides convenience for consumers, saves their time, adds beauty to the environment, and brings many social benefits. Therefore, the evaluation of packaging should be based on the comprehensive benefits it can bring

2.1 inductive interference will cause damage to the electronic tension and pressure testing machine. The material value of packaging refers to the utility of packaging to meet people's needs for material life, sometimes referred to as the practical value of packaging. The most basic practical value of packaging is its basic function: goods must be protected from damage, such as collision, vibration, fragmentation, bacteria, humidity, chemical reaction, etc. Avoiding physical damage to goods is the most basic requirement for packaging. Then, the protective integrity rate after storage and transportation becomes the most basic standard to evaluate the value of packaging materials. For different commodities, their packages should be easy to carry and open; For the repeatedly opened packages, they should have a certain force resistance, and some should have the ability to prevent customers from unsealing privately when purchasing, and the appearance of the unsealed packages should be restorable and reusable; Visibility of contents and controllability of access; Stability of commodity preservation, etc. These basic functions can be investigated empirically or measured experimentally

2.2 spiritual value of packaging

the spiritual value of packaging is usually expressed in the form of aesthetic value, cultural value, psychological value and so on, which is associated with people's feelings, wishes, interests, beliefs, ideas and so on, so it is easy to have subjective randomness in evaluation. The spiritual value of packaging is mainly realized through the artistry, decoration, novelty of design and the stimulation of its shape, so as to arouse consumers' attention, interest, desire and purchase behavior. Consumers are more and more aware of the authenticity of goods. Because the exquisite degree of packaging often gives people a sense of security, the anti-counterfeiting performance of packaging has also become a part of evaluating the spiritual value of packaging

2.3 economic value of packaging

under the condition of market economy, the contact between the supplier and the demander of perihelion filtration packaging is realized through commodity exchange. Both packaging providers and demanders need to calculate the cost, price, profit, etc. of packaging and cannot ignore the following economic issues:

(1) the financial capacity of commodity production enterprises themselves. To adopt exquisite packaging, there must be enough money and capital

(2) equipment and technical level of the manufacturer of packaging products. It can change the cost ratio of one packaging form to others

(3) market competition. On the one hand, the competition between the same industry promotes the development of packaging, on the other hand, it also plays a restrictive role

(4) the value of the commodity itself. The packaging should be compatible with the grade of the goods, and excessive packaging should be avoided. Generally, the packaging cost of domestic goods accounts for about 15% - 20% of the total cost of goods

in addition, it is also affected by social and economic fluctuations, storage and transportation conditions and environmental protection

as a commodity manufacturer, we should not only consider the cost of packaging, but also consider the different increment of commodity value that different packaging may bring. Therefore, the proportion of packaging in commodity prices should be taken as the main evaluation index

the above is to look for its evaluation indicators from the positive benefits of packaging, and with the rapid development of the packaging industry, it has also produced negative benefits beyond the needs of consumers and society, even contradictory: packaging, as a special product that depends on commodities, as commodities are gradually consumed or contents can exist independently without packaging, packaging containers will be abandoned and become garbage. In China, tens of millions of tons of packaging waste become garbage and pollute the environment every year. Some of them are harmful substances, which directly affect human health. Therefore, the recovery cost, recovery rate and reuse of packaging should also become an important evaluation index of packaging value. 

characteristics of evaluation indicators

(1) concreteness: packaging is a special commodity whose use value can be realized only by coexisting with its contents, so the evaluation cannot be considered only from the single aspect of packaging, but also consider the relationship with the contents, and clarify the requirements of the contents for packaging. When evaluating the packaging of different types of goods, the evaluation indicators and weight coefficients will certainly differ. For example, for pharmaceutical packaging, it mainly emphasizes practical value, emphasizing safety, sterility, oxygen isolation, etc. The discussion should take the packaging of the same type of goods as the evaluation object

(2) multidimensional: packaging is the same as commodities, and its ultimate goal is to meet the needs of consumers and society. If it cannot be satisfied, it is impossible to realize the use value. The structural complexity, three-dimensional and comprehensiveness of consumers and social needs at different levels lead to the multidimensional use value of packaging, so that the evaluation indicators are also multidimensional. As mentioned above, people's consumption life has three needs for packaging: material, spiritual and economic. Each aspect can be divided into several small aspects. For example, "material needs" include nutrition, warmth, light, convenience, labor-saving, time-saving, timing and other aspects. Therefore, people's requirements for commodity packaging to meet the needs of consumer life are also multifaceted. There are differences in consumers' demand psychology. Different regions, customs and transportation modes have different needs and evaluations for packaging. Therefore, packaging must have multiple functions and varieties to meet different needs, and the evaluation indicators of packaging must also be multifaceted and multidimensional

(3) correlation: the multidimensional nature of packaging use value leads to the correlation, complementarity and restriction between the evaluation indicators of packaging. If the sales volume increases, it depends not only on the spiritual value, but also on the material value

(4) standpoint: the evaluation of commodity manufacturers on packaging is whether it can protect commodities, promote sales, and ultimately bring the greatest economic benefits; The sales department requires that the packaging can facilitate wholesale and retail, reduce the loss of goods in the sales process, improve the sales volume, and obtain greater sales profits; And consumers hope to get the greatest satisfaction at the lowest price. Therefore, it is different to determine the evaluation index of packaging and choose the weight coefficient from different angles

(5) periodicity: the use value of packaging is generally divided into two stages: formation stage and realization stage. At different stages, the evaluation indicators are also different. The evaluation in the formation stage is mainly manifested in the quality evaluation of packaging. The evaluation in the realization stage is mainly manifested in the evaluation of packaging effectiveness, which is the focus

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