Discussion on enterprise standardization under the

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Discussion on enterprise standardization under the condition of market economy

as a comprehensive basic work of enterprises, how to develop in the socialist market economy is a new topic we are facing. To adapt to the market economy, enterprises must face 6 Temperature, humidity and other external environment also have an impact on instrument measurement. To the market and to the buyer, this is the general principle and direction that enterprise standardization should firmly grasp

1 accelerate the enterprise standardization work from the previous inward oriented to the internal and external oriented. At present, the enterprise is no longer facing a single domestic market, but also to participate in the international market, which will also give the extruder industry endless development power field competition. The standardization of enterprises must change from the inward type that mainly targets the domestic market in the past to the inward and outward combination type that simultaneously faces the domestic and international markets. Therefore, the following work must be carried out:

(1) actively adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards. With the restoration of China's contracting status, conditions have been created for enterprise products to enter the international market, but the basic purpose of the general agreement on Tariffs and trade is to realize the liberalization of international trade, so that foreign products will enter China in large quantities, and national industries will be impacted. If enterprises want to win in the fierce international market competition, they must do everything possible to improve product quality. International standards integrate many contemporary advanced scientific and technological achievements, including a large number of technical intelligence and technical data, reflecting the advanced technological level that economically developed countries have reached. Enterprises produce according to the international standards organization, which is actually a kind of technology introduction with no or less money, which means to improve the technical content and product quality of products. At the same time, it is also an important measure for enterprises' products to enter the international market and overcome technical barriers to trade. In addition to adopting international standards, enterprises can also adopt the standards of industrialized countries and/or regions for export trade objects

(2) conscientiously implement the gb/t19000-iso9000 series standards, establish a quality system in combination with the characteristics of the enterprise, and carry out quality management and quality control throughout the production and business activities of the enterprise. At the same time, the third-party certification of the quality system of the enterprise should be completed as soon as possible to create conditions for product export

(3) create conditions to carry out product quality certification. Product qualification certification is developed under the condition of market economy. Third party certification of products has become one of the important conditions for modern international trade transactions. Certified products have a high turnover rate in international trade negotiations and are in a dominant position in the competition of similar products. Certification can also consolidate and expand the market position of products in the original market

2 strengthen the consciousness of standardization and grasp the law of market operation from passive to active. (1) the standardization staff of enterprises must overcome the negative and passive thought and actively, actively and creatively carry out the standardization work of enterprises. We must closely focus on the overall business strategic objectives of the enterprise, grasp the pulse of the market and the development direction of science and technology closely related to the business direction of the enterprise at any time, and study and formulate the standardization work direction, plans and measures of the enterprise to guide the standardization work of the enterprise

(2) enterprise leaders should strengthen the awareness of standardization. If the enterprise leaders realize that without enterprise standardization, there will be no high quality and high efficiency of products, they will put enterprise standardization in an important position, and the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of standardization personnel will be brought into full play, and the enterprise will get great benefits from standardization work

(3) with the establishment of the market economic system and the expansion of the scope of corresponding recommended standards, enterprises should constantly formulate and revise standards according to the needs of the market and the requirements of enterprises' participation in competition. For the standards of new products and new technologies, they should strictly abide by the mandatory standards issued by the state, accept and adopt the national guiding standards, and formulate corresponding enterprise standards in combination with the actual situation of enterprises and user requirements, And report for approval and filing as soon as possible according to national requirements

(4) the staff of enterprise standardization should be the staff of enterprise leaders' business decisions, and put forward their own opinions on various business decisions of the enterprise from the height of standardization. To this end, standardization personnel should participate in some major business decision-making meetings and activities of enterprises, such as technological transformation, product development, feasibility analysis, etc., and enterprise leaders should carefully listen to their opinions

3 to implement the strategy of leading standardization, enterprises must do a good job in leading standardization in order to implement leading standardization to promote technological innovation when implementing technological innovation goals, formulating new product development plans and improving product quality plans. Advanced standardization includes time advance (i.e. determination of main performance and functions before product development) and technical content advance (i.e. formulation of advanced technical indicators). It should also formulate reasonable pre bridge standards beyond the influence of the frame construction industry according to the enterprise's product technology development level and market forecast, so as to achieve both economy and rationality. The implementation of advanced standardization strategy by enterprises can drive the whole standardization work of enterprises, promote technological progress and technological innovation, and enable enterprises to "create goals and standards"

4 establish a standard system that pays equal attention to technology and management to adapt to the current situation. Under the condition of market economy, competition is not only the competition of technical level, but also the competition of management level. The level of an enterprise's management level directly affects product quality and economic benefits. Therefore, the enterprise standardization with the overall enterprise system as the object should also be a complete organic whole composed of technical standard system and management standard system. For a long time, China's enterprise standards are mainly carried out in the field of production technology. Even in enterprises that have established a management standard system, they are still far from perfect, which is incompatible with the requirements of market economy. Therefore, enterprises must establish, improve and perfect their management standard system, including working standards, strengthen the implementation, supervision and inspection of management standards, pay attention to the coordination between the management standard system and the technical standard system in terms of the number and technical content of standards, and fundamentally change the situation that the technical standard system and the management standard system existing in most enterprises are two separate and irrelevant, So that the two systems of enterprise standardization can achieve a high degree of coordination and strengthen the overall efficiency of enterprise standardized new electronic and chemical materials: environmental protection water stripping solution, ultra-high purity chemical reagents, CMP polishing materials, photoresist and supporting reagents, special gases, photoresist for large-size LCD display, electronic adhesive silicone materials

5 strengthen the work of standard information. In order to meet the needs of market competition, enterprise standardization must be good at collecting market information, collecting information about scientific and technological progress and invention innovation related to product development standardization, collecting the latest standard materials at home and abroad, and timely understanding the contents of standard documents

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