The world's first full LED screen cinema was born

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New uses of LED! The world's first full LED screen cinema was born. There is no projector necessary for traditional cinemas. However, this does not prevent it from showing you the latest and most exciting blockbusters. The most important thing is that the screen is brighter and the sound is more authentic, creating the most extreme viewing experience. This is the world's first all Samsung Onyx LED screen cinema

where is this led movie screen

"great! It's incredible!" Some fans shouted excitedly after walking out of the cinema

why are more and more fans falling in love with LED cinemas? Because this screen is really amazing. The brightness of this technology platform can reach 10 times that of the traditional screen

for 2D films shown in traditional cinemas, the screen brightness can reach 14fl (Note: FL is the brightness unit), and the brightness is lower when showing 3D films, so many people have a feeling when watching 3D blockbusters: the screen is too dark to see clearly

however, the peak brightness of this Samsung Onyx led movie screen has reached an unprecedented 146fl, equivalent to 10 times that of a standard movie projector, ensuring that every picture can be seen clearly

the products of ordinary Amway shares sell well at home and abroad. The brightness of the screen

the brightness of the LED movie screen

with the improvement of the quality standards such as PP and PVC plastics, watching 3D movies will completely bid farewell to the dark look, and even can be watched in the light environment. The old problems such as inaccurate focus and blurred picture also disappear. This was unthinkable before

it is also worth mentioning that these theaters are also equipped with the most advanced Harman audio system, which brings a more shocking three-dimensional audio-visual experience. Special 3D glasses have also become thinner and lighter, and myopic viewers don't feel uncomfortable wearing two pairs of glasses at all. In the LED cinema, you can experience an absolutely appropriate five-star movie

led screen innovation, from a hall to a "city"

LED cinema is getting closer and closer

last year, the technology of applying led to cinemas reached maturity in Samsung's hands. Therefore, Wanda movie Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda Plaza store ate the first crab in China, creating the first LED cinema in China, causing a sensation; Then, on November 16 this year, Wanda Studios Beijing CBD store also introduced this technology, and the first LED cinema in North China was also born

this time, the whole studio with six theaters is armed with the most advanced Samsung Onyx led movie screen. From a hall to a cinema, Wanda cinema is letting more fans enjoy this latest film viewing technology achievement

imagine the new shape of the cinema in the future

previously, restricted by projectors, cinemas were generally only used to show movies. However, with the arrival of the era of "led cinema", the function of cinema is also quietly innovating

because the LED screen allows users to "turn on the lights and watch movies", it will be possible to watch blockbusters while eating a big meal in the cinema in the future. Parent child interaction, family gatherings, games, concerts, sports competitions and other activities may gradually become the new normal in the cinema

using led to show movies is not only a complete subversion of the "projector" mode that has lasted for hundreds of years, but also a refreshing experience for the audience

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