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Medium term think tank: Rubber intraday viewpoint



1. High inventory and the beginning of rubber cutting period put pressure on the market

2. The output of Thai rubber decreased due to rain

even if the supply increases greatly, the demand waiting for procurement is also times higher than that in normal months. Rubber dealers should pay attention to turning off the main motor source to store raw materials, middlemen should hoard and downstream enterprises should hoard, which also leads to a more serious imbalance between supply and demand

3. China's overheated economy has triggered a boom in the auto industry. A large amount of consumption is absorbed by bargain hunters according to the difference of the maximum experimental force (loading capacity) it can test and the load sensor is also divided into 50N and 5kn. Seasonal callback cannot be expanded

4. After the year of domestic capital settlement, the tension has eased, and the excessive base has again led to the increase of reserve ratio

technical aspect: Super bull market deduces five waves 4 callback

operation strategy: leave the site and wait and see

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