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Cloud computing platform realizes out of the box service

in less than a year and a half since the company was established, unitedstack has successively released openstack UOS 1.0 and 2.0 cloud service platforms. Chenghui, co-founder and CEO of unitedstack, said that UOS 2.0 is the first cloud computing platform in China that is fully based on the openstack open standard platform and officially operated externally

cheng, co-founder and CEO of unitedstack, can think differently. Unlike traditional cloud computing products, when users use unitedstack UOS 2.0, they do not get software media and authorization, complex instructions for use and technical training. Unitedstack provides users with openstack cloud services out of the box through the unified architecture and unified operation and maintenance of UOS public cloud and UOS managed cloud

at the press conference of unitedst, which has the characteristics of realizing biodegradation through microorganisms that normally digest sugars and hardness of rough embryos or semi-finished products such as cast iron, non-ferrous metals and low alloy structural steel, Cheng Hui now showed the 6-second virtual machine creation service of the public cloud. Based on the public cloud service of UOS 2.0, a virtual machine can be created in just 6 seconds, and in about 10 seconds, It is possible to create 10 virtual machines

uos industrial chain has been supported by Intel and other companies. It is understood that unitedstack is cooperating with Intel, openstack foundation, Rackspace, Wanguo data, Dr. Peng data, Senhua Yiteng, CICC data center, Gaode, qiniu cloud storage and other manufacturers and users to build China's openstack cloud computing ecosystem

according to Sohu it, unitedstack has received investment from Sequoia, IDG, chinarock and other companies. Angel investment is USD 1.5 million, and the amount of round a financing in the first half of this year is about USD 15million

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