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Siemens and Shibang Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Siemens recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shibang Industrial Technology Group Shanghai Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (Shibang group) to further deepen long-term cooperation in the field of motors. Siemens will continue to provide Shibang group with advanced high-quality motor products, help Shibang group to continuously create innovative products, and become the most competitive mining machinery manufacturing enterprise in the world

the signing of this agreement marks another step forward in our long-term cooperation with our important strategic partner Shibang group. Linbin, general manager of Siemens low voltage motor global business unit, said that Siemens has more than 150 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial motors, and we are a leader in innovative motor technology. We will, as always, vigorously support the global development of Chinese industrial enterprises with innovative and customized products and fast and comprehensive services

yangsongke, chairman of Shibang group, said: normally, it needs to be replaced every six months. Chang is honored to establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship with Siemens. As a global motor manufacturer, Siemens has a lot of cooperation space with Shibang group in many fields. At the same time, as a great company, Siemens has a lot to learn from and learn from. It is hoped that we will take this opportunity to comprehensively promote the cooperation and development between the two sides in multiple application fields

150 years ago, Werner von Siemens discovered the working principle of practical generator and invented a generator that can convert a large amount of mechanical energy into electrical energy for electrical lighting, metallurgical process, power transmission and other fields. This innovation has laid the foundation for global electrification, created conditions for the advent of motor equipment, and laid a solid foundation for the large-scale use of motors in the industrial field. Since then, Siemens has always regarded motor R & D and manufacturing as one of its core businesses. As part of the global R & D system, Siemens' motor R & D center in China is also conducting motor design and R & D for the global market

Shibang group was founded in the unrepresentative year of experimental hypothesis design in 1987. It is a leading mining machinery manufacturing enterprise in the world, focusing on the R & D and production of crushing machinery and industrial milling machinery. Headquartered in Pudong, Shanghai, the group has 8 digital re assembly production bases in China, with a total area of 1.2 million square meters. At present, the marketing network of Shibang group has spread to more than 160 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States and Oceania, and has set up overseas offices in more than 30 countries


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