Baby tree board brings you a sense of security

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The plan of a year lies in spring. The spring equinox comes immediately, indicating the arrival of spring. Spring is in full bloom, and the earth recovers, emitting green vitality everywhere. Wawa tree brand has always taken green as its main color and environmental protection as its corporate theme. It advocates using more ecological boards and cutting less Chinese trees. The emergence of board is to improve the utilization rate of board. Its cost is low, and the designed products are more modern and more in line with the selection standards of contemporary people. However, the quality of products is often in direct proportion to their price. Environmentally friendly and healthy plates are often expensive, and the price of poor plates will be slightly cheaper. Many people will choose the latter, bring home the plates with full formaldehyde taste, and then cause their families to be ill and hospitalized. The investigation shows that about 100000 people die of formaldehyde hazards every year in China. Now the doll tree board will provide you with several kinds of inexpensive boards for you to choose from, avoiding your formaldehyde damage

the Malacca ecological board of Wawa tree is made by rapid veneering through high-temperature hot pressing. The base material is blockboard, which does not need surface paint. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, wear resistance, pollution resistance, heat resistance, colorfastness, flatness, smoothness and so on. It is an ideal material for furniture, cabinets, wallboards, bathroom

the other is the baby tree EO board, which is mainly used for children's room series. Using high environmental protection glue, the glue grade reaches the highest EO standard in the industry. It belongs to the non formaldehyde series, which is completely away from the harm of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances to people, while retaining the natural log fragrance, so it is very suitable for children's rooms. Wawa tree board is the first to launch the ultra environmental protection product of "special board for children's room" in the industry. Adhering to the professional and dedicated business philosophy, it integrates the European and American fashion home trend into the Chinese market and leads the development of one of the international brands of the board

the last one is the high-grade formaldehyde free gypsum board of Wawa tree. It is environmental friendly, low production energy consumption, excellent fire resistance, good decorative function, seamless structure, and excellent architectural effect




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