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Dewell wardrobe, together with Huang Shengyi, has opened a new chapter for the brand in 2014. Deville wardrobe believes that Huang Shengyi, a film and television singer and multi habitat artist, is very in line with the brand positioning of Deville wardrobe and is the best image spokesperson of the brand

on March 28, the signing ceremony for the image spokesperson of Deville's wardrobe was held as scheduled at Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. Deville announced that international film and television star Huang Shengyi would officially serve as the company's brand spokesperson. At the same time, Huang Shengyi and Wen's latest film "I love you most on the road" will also be released in major cinemas on this day

the film tells about the emotional entanglement between the hero and the heroine during the trip. This is also a film CO produced by China and South Korea. The other two stars are Korean actors. The film also attracted much attention because of the cheating news that broke out on the same day as the film was released. At present, the film is being staged in major cinemas. Interested audiences may wish to go into the cinema to see the style of the film

Huang Shengyi, the best image spokesman of Deville wardrobe

this time, Deville wardrobe joined hands with Huang Shengyi, opening a new chapter for the brand in 2014. Deville wardrobe believes that Huang Shengyi, a film and television singer and multi habitat artist, is very in line with the brand positioning of Deville wardrobe and is the best image spokesperson of the brand

in this film, Huang Shengyi shows mature acting skills. Graduated from the performance Department of Beijing voltage academy, he was nominated for the best newcomer award of the 24th China Film Awards with the film "Kung Fu" in 2005, and has been doing well in acting. This is also the decisive magic weapon for dewell wardrobe to move forward. It relies on strength to win the favor of consumers and on the quality of products and services

since entering the furniture industry, Deville wardrobe's breakthrough in quality and service has been recognized by consumers and authoritative institutions, and has won a number of industry honors. In 2005, Deville wardrobe officially entered the wardrobe industry, and has been rated as one of the top ten overall wardrobe brands in China for six consecutive years since 2009; In 2011, it won the title of "integrity and quality benchmarking enterprise"; In 2012, it won the national green authority "ten rings" certification enterprise; In 2012, it won the title of "quality? Service" top ten demonstration enterprise in China's wardrobe industry; In 2013, it was rated as a benchmark enterprise of integrity service quality service in China's wardrobe industry

Deville white jade phoenix series wardrobe

constantly improving the quality of products and services has always been the pursuit of Deville wardrobe. The world's first high environmental protection California carb certified P2 level "wood board" to create a household food safety level. The formaldehyde emission of this material is even lower than that of fruits and vegetables, raising the environmental protection level of the wardrobe industry to a new height

and Huang Shengyi's fresh and refined appearance also conforms to the brand language of Deville, which is fashionable, fresh and natural. Just like the product language of Deville wardrobe, Huang Shengyi is the personalized label of Deville wardrobe, which vividly interprets the brand of Deville wardrobe and is the best image spokesman of Deville wardrobe

shaping customization "according to the times" dewell launched a heavy attack

"customized according to people" is the high-quality brand service that dewell wardrobe has always provided, which conveys "the feeling of love and the choice of home" through products. And hand in hand with Huang Shengyi opened a new chapter of the brand, allowing the brand to enter the "era of dependence"

in 2014, Deville wardrobe will take the opportunity of holding hands with Huang Shengyi to create a new brand image and launch a heavy attack. Hire foreign space designers to create a more branded terminal image; Integrate marketing communication, land terminals, attract marketing talents, and create a creative team; In terms of channels, launch the channel construction plan of "walking with Germany and winning thousands of cities with wisdom"; This series of measures will bring a new situation to de Ville wardrobe and gain more consumers' favor

in terms of products, Deville wardrobe will still focus on the "simple Europe" sub category. The successively launched wardrobe, cloakroom, bookcase, wine cabinet, TV cabinet and other new products as well as dozens of new sliding doors not only led the design trend of the industry, but also widely praised by people inside and outside the industry, laying a strong foundation for further developing channels

Deville ivel TV cabinet

the appointment of Huang Shengyi as the brand spokesperson also marks that Deville wardrobe will launch another heavy attack in the terminal market and appear in the terminal market with a new brand image. This will also be a milestone event of Deville wardrobe and lay a solid foundation for the future development of the brand





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