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Europay cabinet is a well-known cabinet brand, and its quality and performance are very good. According to the current market situation, it is already a first-line brand, so what about the overall effect of europay kitchen? Next, let's have a specific understanding

effect drawing of Europa's overall kitchen 1. U-shaped cabinet

first, let's take a look at this Europa's overall kitchen. It looks layered as a whole, and can distinguish the door board, ceiling cabinet and floor cabinet at a glance. The shape of the kitchen is set in the form of u, which is very consistent with the shape of the space. The kitchen effect has a French style, which is romantic and pure. The overall white world makes you feel like you are in the whole white world and return to the simple and simple forest

European style overall kitchen effect drawing 2. A-shaped cabinet

this effect drawing uses highly functional logs as raw materials, and the service life alone is at least more than ten years. The cabinets here are made of wooden materials, and the countertops are made of artificial marble. The layout is also very reasonable. With the installation of electrical appliances, the two can be perfectly combined

European style overall kitchen effect picture 3. L-shaped cabinet

the modern L-shaped floor cabinet uses smooth lines to improve the texture of the overall kitchen. The black panel design has a sense of mystery. Coupled with the cooperation with the hanging cabinet, it is very perfect. The humanized design makes the overall kitchen seem to be immersed in light leisure time

is European style cabinet a first-line brand?

European style cabinet has been established for more than 20 years. Over the years, it has been committed to the development of cabinet and has become a first-line brand in the cabinet industry. European style cabinet is the first to integrate Europe “ Integrated kitchen ” After the concept was introduced into Chinese brands, it also created a precedent for China's industrialized production of modern cabinets, known as China “ Kitchen revolution ” The advocator of and the trendsetter of the overall cabinet

most of its materials are imported plates, which can be greatly guaranteed in terms of quality. In terms of design, it can inherit Chinese cultural traditions. At the same time, it can also add European and American elements to the design, making the cabinet look grand, beautiful, fashionable and simple. In general, the reputation of European style cabinets is very good, whether in terms of quality or designers, as well as later installation and service, can be highly praised by consumers

summary: it can be said that Europa cabinet has been winning the hearts of consumers with its best products. If you also like such cabinet effect, you might as well consider Europa cabinet. You can refer to the above knowledge about the overall kitchen effect drawing 2018 of europay and whether europay cabinets are first-line brands




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