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Since the ceiling decoration of the living room is the highlight of the decoration of the living room, the ceiling decoration of the living room must be done properly. Whether the ceiling decoration is good-looking or not is directly related to the whole project quality and beautification effect of home decoration and beautification, so we must consider the style, materials and other related things of the ceiling when doing it. So, what are the material selection and precautions for ceiling decoration in the living room? If your family also has this demand, you might as well learn about the relevant knowledge of ceiling decoration in the living room with me

living room ceiling decoration: material selection

of course, the decoration of the ceiling must first consider the problem of material selection. Without a good plan and material support, no matter how well your ceiling is designed, it will not be ideal, so you must consider comprehensively when choosing materials. It can be divided here. If it is all suspended ceilings, it is better to use light steel keel gypsum board suspended ceilings. If only partial ceiling is adopted, the height difference of ceiling is used to limit the virtual space for space division; Then use the local lighting and point lighting of light to strengthen the sense of space; You can also use color to distinguish space; This is all very good. As for the choice of materials, it should be based on the actual situation. You can choose decorative cloth, such as elastic cloth plus lining light, etc. if it is always local, it will be more flexible

living room ceiling decoration: size

of course, the specific choice of materials depends on how big the house is, and then the ceiling materials can be determined! If it is a villa, you must use aoka's! If it's smaller, I suggest you use wooden dragon! Now there are synthetic wooden dragons, which are not easy to deform! Of course, if you are afraid of deformation, use gypsum board. Gypsum board is the cheapest material, and there are more roof falling styles you can make! It depends on what aspects you consider. Different ideas have different choices

living room ceiling decoration: classification

there are many choices of ceiling, including light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, wood keel gypsum board ceiling, and the ceiling is divided into accessible ceiling and non accessible ceiling. Generally, the ceiling of the living room is not accessible, so the materials selected are: section steel, gypsum board, metal connectors; Or wooden keel, gypsum board, etc. are good choices, but also relatively practical ceiling

after finishing the materials used in the ceiling, then we will talk about some decoration methods of the living room decoration, because different decoration styles and ceiling styles are expected to correspond to different decoration methods. Therefore, when decorating, you can refer to the advantages and disadvantages of these decoration methods

Plane Ceiling refers to the ceiling decoration with no shape and layer on the surface. This kind of top structure is flat, simple, neat and generous, and the materials are less than other ceiling forms. It is suitable for all kinds of family decoration design. It is usually made of various types of decorative plates. It can also be painted on the surface, sprayed, pasted wallpaper, wall cloth, etc. Plane ceiling decoration is a traditional ceiling decoration method, which is classic, but for today's young people, personalized ceiling is more popular

living room ceiling decoration: concave convex: (usually called modeling top)

concave convex ceiling decoration is a relatively close fashion ceiling decoration. Concave convex ceiling refers to a form of ceiling with concave or convex structure treatment on the surface. This kind of ceiling has complex shape, rich in change, strong sense of stratification, and is suitable for the top decoration of halls, halls, restaurants, etc. It is often overlapped with lamps (chandeliers, ceiling lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc.). The concave convex ceiling effectively enhances the decoration of the ceiling, which is now a relatively wide range of ceiling decoration methods

living room ceiling decoration: suspended

suspended is a form of ceiling that suspends all kinds of plates, metals, glasses, etc. on the structural layer. This kind of ceiling is rich in variety and dynamic, giving people a refreshing aesthetic feeling. It is often used in ceiling decoration of hotels, concert halls, exhibition halls, film and television halls, etc. Home decoration design often produces unique shapes through various lights, which is full of artistic interest of light and shadow

living room ceiling decoration: well format

well format ceiling is a form of ceiling made of false lattice beams due to shape guidance or for the shape of the top surface. Cooperate with lamps and single-layer or multiple decorative lines to decorate, enrich the shape of the ceiling or reasonably partition the room

living room ceiling decoration: the glass type

glass top is a form of using transparent, translucent or painted glass as the indoor top, which is mainly for lighting, viewing and beautifying the environment, and can be made into dome, flat roof, folding roof and other forms. It gives people a magical feeling of brightness, freshness and indoor visibility. For today's young people, the decoration of the ceiling is to highlight fashion and Avantgarde. It is very good to be able to make a ceiling with a more modern sense of fashion under the condition of meeting the decoration style of the room

precautions for ceiling decoration in the living room

1. Most of the living rooms now use suspended ceilings, so the materials must be selected well, followed by the construction must be standardized, such as the connection must be firm, the location must be installed correctly, etc

and the ceiling must be made of fireproof materials. If it is made of wood materials, it must also be made of fireproof treatment. The electrical conduits on the ceiling should be operated in accordance with the specifications to avoid hidden dangers such as fire

2. If your home is installed with concealed ceiling, remember to set manholes. The gypsum board of the ceiling in the living room is not as easy to disassemble as the aluminum board

many people fake setting the maintenance red will affect the appearance, and generally do not require it. However, once there is a fault in the wiring pipe and wire in your ceiling, you can't determine what is the problem, and what is the reason, which is even more impossible to repair. If the ceiling of your living room is equipped with pipelines, you must set manholes. Manholes can be selected in places that are relatively hidden and easy to overhaul, and you can't choose positions indiscriminately. If you feel that the manhole affects the beauty, you can use your imagination to do some artistic treatment to the manhole, which will not affect the beauty and is very convenient

3. If your home uses glass or light box ceiling, remember to use safety glass

the ceiling is something above our heads. If we use fragile objects such as glass to make the ceiling, it will undoubtedly put a time bomb on our heads. Although the current colored glass and frosted glass are very distinctive as ceilings, we can't help paying attention to safety issues, so we must use safety glass when selecting materials. At present, there are only two kinds of safety glass stipulated in China, namely tempered glass and laminated glass

editor's summary: the above is the relevant introduction of the selection of materials and precautions for the ceiling decoration of the living room. For the safety of our family and the quality of life in the future, we also need to ensure the quality of housing in order to improve the quality of our life. Therefore, safety is the primary condition for doing anything. If safety cannot be guaranteed, how can quality be said. Therefore, whether it is the ceiling of the living room or the ceiling of the toilet, kitchen, and other decoration matters, the first thing we need to consider is safety. A safe environment is a comfortable home





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