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Blister character is a plastic processing technology. The main principle is to heat and soften the flat plastic hard sheet, absorb it on the surface of the mold by vacuum, and form it after cooling. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries. Blister characters have the characteristics of changeable colors, strong visual impact and durability. At present, blister characters are widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising decoration and other fields, which has a great market demand space

blister characters are fonts made of plastic materials for a while. During the production process, plastic materials such as plastic hard pieces need to be heated to soften them, and then the softened plastic materials are adsorbed on the surface of the font mold through vacuum adsorption technology, and the fonts are formed after cooling. Generally, LED lamps or high-voltage lamps will be added inside the blister characters to make them a luminous font. For example, McDonald's doorplate, restaurant signboard template, and so on. During the installation of blister characters, the plastic hard pieces will become very soft because they need to be heated and shaped, which is conducive to adsorption and pasting. This is a normal phenomenon. Now let's learn about the relevant knowledge of the installation of blister words

introduction to blister characters

blister characters are also a kind of luminous characters. The board surface is usually formed by blistering acrylic plates, and then combined by bases, etc. LED lights or high-voltage lights are placed inside. The surface technology includes flat, flat drum, ball drum, edge drum and other forms. The box materials include iron baking paint, aluminum profile, stainless steel, titanium, etc. the literal color can be either an inherent color plate, spot color or four-color screen printing

blister characters

1. The market itself has a lot of demand space

2. Blister characters have the characteristics of colorful, colorful and durable. They have good effects in both day and night, and have strong visual impact. They are applicable to a wide range, such as all kinds of store signs, facade of enterprises and institutions, internal and external image walls, and large luminous characters on the roof

3. Both acrylic light boxes and acrylic trough shaped luminous characters have flexible and diverse forms of expression, and can express the distinctive personalized characteristics required by customers through creative design, especially in the stage of excessive spray painting and eyeful filled light box cloth in the past period, both public and professional customers are expecting high-grade, personalized and fashionable new advertising expression means, And acrylic Blister light box adapts or caters to this demand to a certain extent

4. As an advertising production enterprise itself, the production of acrylic Blister light boxes has a large profit space in the industry, and the investment in a set of acrylic production equipment of 70000-80000 yuan is relatively small

price of blister characters

the unit price of blister characters is about 10 yuan/meter

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

installation steps of blister characters

first, unscrew the screws on the side of the individual characters or the side blister finished products, and divide the characters into two parts: the bottom plate and the panel

II. Drill holes at the bottom of the panel away from the LED position, fix them with screws, and then install them on the wall. Install them according to the designed plate, and fix the thread ends of each word

III. arrange two main lines (2.5 copper core wires) of red and green above or below the whole typeset, and then connect the wire ends of each independent Blister word or blister stroke in parallel according to the principle of red connected to red and green connected to green, and then connect the red and green lines of the bus to the transformer correspondingly

IV. connect L and N in the (AC) area of the transformer to 220V power supply (2.5 copper core wire). If the installation position is low, it is best to connect the ground wire

v. connect all wires. If the LED light does not light up after power on, switch the red and green positions of the main line of the LED. 6、 Finally, close the panel and tighten the screws

precautions for the installation of blister words

1. Do not connect the wire ends of each word directly to the 220V power supply, otherwise all LED lights will be discarded

2. Before installation, use one word to test according to the correct method, and then install it all

3. Please wrap the joint with waterproof tape, and the transformer should be placed in a rain proof area with good ventilation and heat dissipation

Blister word installation technology

the first is material selection. At present, the acrylic plates seen in China are basically imported or produced by foreign joint ventures, and the quality of the plates should be said to be good. The reason why the market price of acrylic Blister light box is high, and the high price of plate is one of its main factors. At present, the unit price of acrylic plate in the market is generally 25-30 yuan/kg, which is not only high, but also the utilization rate of the whole plate in the production process is not high, resulting in a large cost amortization

the second is mold making. Acrylic panel is formed by vacuum positioning and pressure absorption. Even if it is the same word, different sizes also need different molds, and the mold itself requires high precision and good quality. Because the accuracy and quality of the mold itself are directly related to the quality of acrylic products, and the mold manufacturing has a high level of technology, which requires experienced technicians. Therefore, as mentioned above, the Blister light box on the market has been at a high price, and the processing of mold should be said to be the most important technology

the third is post production. As mentioned earlier, acrylic blister production is basically mechanized. The application of some new equipment not only improves production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. After the acrylic blister material is basically formed, it also needs to go through several processes, such as milling, router, grinding, etc. Finally, the light box is laid with a light source, and the production is completed after baking paint

the fourth is image processing. According to the different needs of customers, directly through screen printing; The picture is transferred to acrylic plate, and then formed by vacuum suction. There are figures, animals or commodity images in the picture, which can also be shaped into a three-dimensional effect, so as to get a better publicity effect

recommended manufacturers of blister characters

recommended manufacturers 1: Langfang Hongxin plastic products Co., Ltd.

Langfang Hongxin plastic products Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise mainly producing and operating Blister machinery and Blister products, and blister characters are one of the most important representative products of the company. The company has a leading technical force in the production field of Blister products, and its production equipment is imported from foreign developed countries. Therefore, the blister characters produced by the company have “ High end, atmosphere and high grade ” And its after-sales service is quite up to standard, which can provide customers with a full range of services such as installation, repair and maintenance

recommended manufacturer 2: Beijing satellite Hongtu Advertising Co., Ltd.

Beijing satellite Hongtu Advertising Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise specializing in the design, production, sales and installation of blister characters and other advertising products. The company has advanced advertising design concept, perfect production and manufacturing technology, and good installation skills. The blister characters it produces are flexible and have excellent luminous effect. It is the preferred manufacturer of blister characters used in advertising and decoration in all kinds of commercial places, enterprises and units

recommended manufacturer 3: Beijing yuekang plastic products Co., Ltd.

Beijing yuekang plastic products Co., Ltd. is a large plastic products enterprise integrating design, processing and sales, and blister is one of the company's main products. The blister characters produced by the company are used in major places in Beijing, and their biggest feature is environmental protection. In addition, the price of the blister characters produced by the company is relatively low, and the cost performance has an absolute advantage in the same industry

editor's summary: because blister words are mostly used in advertisements, they were widely used in advertising businesses in 2002. Of course, the surface of blister characters is different. For example, it is very flat, which is the longest seen blister character, and there are spherical blister characters. Most of these blister characters are very beautiful. If they are applied in hotels, they can attract more people. Of course, the materials of walls will not use plastic. Most of them use aluminum profiles and stainless steel that are not easy to corrode, which can enhance the service life




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