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Author: Wenbo warm tips in the face of severe cold about the recent weather! Your baby, wechat bacteria just want to say! (prepare to sing!) Roll ~ roll ~ cold ~ wind ~ cold ~ cry ~ people ~ don't you! Are we going to bear the devastation of the cold wind?! no no no It's no use saying no! So how to resist the cold wind this little bitch hit! Here are two ways to prepare for you. First, temporary heating equipment (for those who have been crying, come and see). 1. Electric heater is believed to be familiar to all of you. It is one of our most common heating equipment. It is cheap, plug and play, and can also be blown 360 degrees without dead corners. Thomas can blow at will! It's simply the best weapon to resist the severe cold. But there is a big problem with the electric heater, which is drying. When you shop, you'd better match it with a humidifier. As for the brands of electric heater, Gree, Midea, Emmett and other brands are all very good. It's good for everyone to choose and buy by virtue of their economic ability. 2. Youting Youting heater is also relatively common. Compared with electric heater, its advantage is that it is not dry, and its disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the indoor temperature does not rise very fast. Relatively speaking, it is more suitable for heating in small rooms or dormitories. From the sales ranking, brands such as Gree, Midea and Emmett still rank first in sales. 3. Heating table mat is really a benefit for the little friends who sit in front of the computer desk every day. It has low power consumption, fast heating speed and suitable temperature. It is simply a sharp weapon for heating while working on the desk. Now there are two kinds of 24V and 220V on the market. The former is a safe voltage that is harmless to human body, and the latter has potential safety hazards and needs to be used carefully. You must distinguish when choosing. 2: Decoration of heating equipment 1. Electric radiator electric radiator heating system is similar to the radiator heating system. The difference is that the electric radiator uses power supply, and there is no need for boilers, and there is no need to lay water pipe lines in the open. You only need to have enough power supply near the place where you install the radiator. Of course, it is best to compare independent power lines and sockets. If not, you can also temporarily arrange an open line, It will not have a great impact on the decoration effect of the room. Service providers recommend hanfulai company. It is an old brand electric heating system in Spain, with a brand history of 80 years. Since entering the Chinese market, it has followed the style of its family business, steadily building a brand, focusing on this small segment of the electric heating market, doing fine and fine, so the product has a high cost performance. 2. As the most comfortable heating method recognized at present, the floor heating system is increasingly loved by decoration owners. However, the floor heating system needs to be carried out in combination with the decoration construction, and there are certain requirements for the floor height and ground materials of the house, which can not be installed under all conditions. Recommend a product, Lezhi's electric floor heating system, which has less restrictions and reasonable price compared with traditional floor heating. 3. Before the popularity of central air-conditioning indoor units in floor heating, air conditioning has always been the main way of heating. However, air conditioning heating generally has the disadvantages of hot head and cold feet or stuffy indoor, and the space is slightly uneven, so it is gradually replaced by floor heating. In recent years, in order to overcome this weakness, air conditioner manufacturers are also constantly improving their product performance. Unidirectional airflow indoor units and intelligent perception 3D airflow indoor units are the results. Recommend Dajin Proshop store on the brand. The service of Dajin Proshop store is quite standard, which can avoid a lot of trouble. You can choose different types of heating equipment according to your actual needs! After all, the most important thing is to survive this bone cold day





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