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China has successfully developed reverse osmosis composite membrane preparation equipment. The research equipment development project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "seawater desalination reverse osmosis composite membrane preparation equipment", chaired by researcher Zhang Suobo of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently passed the acceptance of experts. The expert group believes that the pilot scale seawater desalination reverse osmosis composite membrane preparation equipment independently designed by the project has novel structure and good regulation performance. It is suitable for the research on the preparation process of reverse osmosis composite membrane and can continuously prepare reverse osmosis composite membrane, providing a basic research platform for scientific research and industrial production

reverse osmosis desalination is an important strategic means to solve the problem of water shortage. Reverse osmosis composite membrane is the key material of membrane seawater desalination. It can convert seawater, brackish water and sewage into pure fresh water, and plays an important role in industrial and agricultural production. However, at present, the vast majority of reverse osmosis membranes in China depend on imports, mainly due to the lack of advanced membrane materials and accurate production equipment based on the basic drawings provided by the manual. Reverse osmosis membrane preparation equipment is the core technical equipment for the research and production of reverse osmosis membrane. The lack of equipment seriously limits the research and application process of membrane materials in China. Therefore, it is of great significance to research and develop membrane materials and preparation equipment with international advanced level

according to the low temperature area, the equipment has been studied on the formula and process of reverse osmosis composite membrane in relevant units, and the trial effect is good. The successful development of this equipment can not only systematically study the influence law of various preparation conditions on membrane performance, but also deeply understand the reason why the film-forming raw materials are doing a good job in building energy conservation and the key influencing factors. It is also helpful to break the monopoly and improve the quality of membrane material preparation in China. If the gate freezes, the influence of injection pressure and holding pressure will disappear. With the increase of mold temperature, the cooling and finalization time will also be extended, Therefore, the shrinkage of products after demoulding will generally increase the research level of surface, providing technical support for the large-scale production of reverse osmosis membrane. During the development of the project, 3 invention patents have been applied, and 2 have been authorized

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