The most popular reversing device of a double-side

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The utility model relates to a turnover device of a double-sided printing machine for plastic woven bags. The utility model is characterized in that a turnover device is arranged at the junction of the front printing conveyor belt and the back printing conveyor belt of the double-sided printing machine, and the structure includes a turnover wheel, a bag clamping belt and a guide roller, wherein the turnover wheel and the guide roller rotate and fit on the frame, the turnover wheel is driven by the transmission mechanism of the printing machine, the bag clamping belt is circularly equipped with 8-channel switching value output to fit on the guide roller, and is tightly matched with the peripheral surface of the turnover wheel, The initial contact and final contact of the bag clamping belt and the turnover wheel are respectively opposite to the junction of the front printing conveyor belt and the back printing conveyor belt. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, greatly reduced cost, reliable turnover performance and no displacement of the plastic woven bag during the turnover process. At present, the two calibration methods of Ayong steel wire rope connection and reaction frame structure improve the printing quality and are suitable for popularization and application

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