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Review the centrifuges shining in the major exhibitions in 2017

centrifuges are instruments and equipment that can produce rotation and make the rotating objects do sedimentation movement due to the centrifugal force, so as to make use of the difference of sedimentation velocity of different substances in the centrifugal force field to realize sample separation in 2012. After years of development, China's centrifuge products have gradually matured. The products have been gradually applied in various industries, and the market demand is very strong. Especially in recent years, China's centrifuge market has warmed up, domestic scientific research institutions, laboratories and other large-scale procurement needs continue, and the majority of instrument manufacturers continue to innovate and develop, writing a more diversified prelude to China's centrifuge market. In 2017, there were constant exhibitions in the field of instruments, and centrifuge brands from all major countries and abroad made wonderful appearances, bringing users a variety of choices

Gilson: elitist 22k-r-xp vertical high-speed refrigerated centrifuge

elitist 22k-r-xp vertical high-speed refrigerated centrifuge adopts a unique design, which embodies a new function. First of all, it adopts maintenance free imported transfer frequency conversion motor for speed regulation, with high precision and ultra-low noise; At the same time, intelligent friction reduction system (vacuum system device) is adopted; Furthermore, the automatic unbalance detection protection system is adopted; Secondly, it has the function of rotor automatic identification; The selection of 20 user-defined working modes is a powerful explanation for the intelligent, convenient and efficient development of the product

Shanghai luxianyi: large capacity and multi-function tgl-21m high-speed bench type refrigerated centrifuge

according to the staff, the centrifuge has the international advanced technology and combines all the advantages of the company's bench type centrifuge products. In terms of parameters, at present, its maximum capacity can reach 750mlx4, and the maximum speed is 21000r/min. In terms of function, it realizes the automatic identification function of rotor, and (users) can call and store its six programs. In terms of appearance, the appearance design of this centrifuge is very exquisite, which meets the popular requirements abroad. Therefore, this centrifuge currently sells well in the domestic and international markets

Hunan Hengnuo: a new generation of vacuum centrifugal concentrator

this vacuum centrifugal concentrator is a new type of equipment developed and produced by Hunan Hengnuo for sample concentration and compound removal. It can really integrate concentration and freeze-drying, and its biggest technical feature is the use of direct drive. It is worth noting that when using this instrument, it can not only use its centrifugal function alone, but also combine it with the cold trap, that is, the vacuum freeze dryer. It also has good compatibility and expansibility in adaptation, and can be compatible with more rotors. In addition to the 48x1.5ml specification that we normally use, it can also be extended to 96 specification rotors to adapt to the concentration of samples with different capacities such as 10ml and 15ml

high tech instrument: td5z bench type low-speed centrifuge

the instrument uses 220V, 50Hz AC, the power of the whole machine is 750W, and the speed is adjustable at 5000 rpm. When using, first put the materials to be separated into the centrifuge tube inspection electrical system, insert them into the centrifuge head holes respectively (the mass of the materials added to each centrifuge tube must be basically the same), then close the instrument cover, turn on the power supply, select the speed and working time, and then press the approval key and start key. At this time, the centrifuge starts to work. The instrument has the advantages of large capacity, low temperature rise, low noise, convenient operation, safety, reliability and wide applicability. It has been widely used in laboratories and laboratories of scientific research, institutions and other enterprises and institutions, and for collecting cells, separating plasma, separating viruses and nucleoprotein particles

Hunan Kecheng instrument: dl5y crude oil moisture determination and analysis centrifuge

dl5y crude oil moisture determination and analysis centrifuge (tdl5y bench type crude oil moisture determination centrifuge) is designed for the determination method of water and sediment in crude oil water (centrifugal method) and developed according to the requirements of gb/t national standard. The instrument uses centrifugal separation to determine water and sediment in crude oil, which has the advantages of fast heating speed, uniform temperature, constant temperature control switching, stable and fast speed up and down Long service life. In addition, the centrifuge tube of the instrument is made by a special process. The glass centrifuge tube will not break during operation. It is widely used in Daqing Oilfield. It is an ideal separation equipment for water determination in the oil exploitation industry and scientific research institutions

Changsha Xiangzhi: xz-16t high-speed centrifuge

xz-16t high-speed centrifuge adopts microcomputer control, liquid crystal display, frequency conversion brushless motor and touch panel to ensure the safety of operators to a certain extent. Equipped with a variety of rotors, it can not only be selected by users, but also improve the separation efficiency. In addition, the instrument is easy to operate, reduces the technical requirements for users, and has the advantage of low noise, ensuring a good operating environment for workers. At present, the instrument can be widely used in biology, medical physics, agriculture and other fields. It is the preferred product for genetic genes, proteins and nucleic acids

Beili centrifuge: gti6-3a high-speed desktop centrifuge

nowadays, with the continuous breakthrough of domestic high-speed centrifuge technology, the centrifuge market presents a diversified pattern. Centrifuge enterprises represented by Beili centrifuge should take advantage of the important thrust of capital to maximize the role of source allocation. In consideration of the trend of more and more multi-function demands for instrument applications in the market, new centrifuges such as gti6-3a high-speed desktop centrifuges have fully considered the convenience, durability, intelligence and appearance miniaturization of the product at the beginning of design. In addition, in terms of the application of new products, it is bold to explore and study carefully. At present, the products are widely used in medical treatment, universities, bioengineering, molecular biology, pharmaceutical factories, teaching and research experiments, agricultural science, food testing, environmental protection and other fields

Hangzhou Youning: Mini centrifuge mini-10k+

this product is novel, unique, smart and versatile. Equipped with two kinds of centrifugal rotors and a variety of test tube sets, it is suitable for 2.0ml, 1.5ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml centrifuge tubes and 0.2ml, 8-row centrifuge tubes for PCR. It adopts humanized design and has the function of opening and pausing. When the cover is closed, it automatically continues to run at the original time, and has the function of electronic timing. It has a fully transparent circular upper cover and multiple rotors, which fully reflects the new concept of people-oriented and serving scientific research

as the mainstay of modern medical laboratories, centrifuges are essential instruments for hospitals at all levels to understand the main functions of tensile machines. Scientific research institutions and colleges and universities use them for centrifugation. With the rapid development of China's scientific and technological level and the continuous improvement of various infrastructure facilities, the market has higher and higher technical requirements for centrifuge products. In addition, in recent years, the state has increased its support for scientific instruments. Domestic instruments have shown a rapid development trend, and various performances are constantly being upgraded and improved

follow the development trend of the times and develop sophisticated equipment. At a time when the centrifuge market is warming up, relevant enterprises firmly grasp the best opportunity for development with their keen market sense. At the same time, we are also deeply aware of the importance of continuing to develop new laboratory centrifuges and create high-quality products with ingenuity. In the future, it is believed that with the joint efforts of many domestic instrument manufacturers, China's centrifuges are bound to develop in the direction of high speed, high precision, multi-purpose and full function

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