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Sany: the revolutionary road of service informatization Guide: in 2009, Sany business developed rapidly, but the function of service information system is still imperfect, and the informatization of accessories has not yet started. At that time, the data of Sany were collected manually, with low accuracy and poor timeliness, and the group level could not be subject to unified supervision. Informatization has become the bottleneck of improving the service ability of enterprises. Service is important to information

in 2009, Sany business developed at a high speed, but the service can automatically send short messages when needed. The function of the service information system is still imperfect, and the informatization of accessories has not yet started. At that time, the data of Sany were collected manually, with low accuracy and poor timeliness, and the group level could not be subject to unified supervision. Informatization has become the bottleneck of improving the service ability of enterprises, and the service has a strong desire for informatization

"one missing part and one wrong delivery will often reduce customers' satisfaction with us. But after all, the information technology has not been realized, so the parts plan is difficult to be 100% accurate, and the lack of parts often leads to customers' complaints. Sometimes the wrong parts are delivered, but because the delivery process cannot be monitored, it is difficult to take emergency measures for a while, resulting in customer dissatisfaction." "No PMS system (parts management system) In the past, overseas planners submitted their spare parts plans to the headquarters through e-mail, but there were often some errors in the process of sending e-mail, which led to the delay in processing the plans, affected the delivery speed, and greatly reduced customer satisfaction. Now the PMS system has realized the reporting plan of overseas warehouses, the review of headquarters, the delivery, and the whole process visual management of overseas warehousing, greatly reducing the delivery errors, which not only improves the supply efficiency of accessories, but also significantly reduces the shortage rate. " Chenzeyong, the parts planner of the business planning headquarters, talked to the author about the improvement of the work after the PMS system was launched, and the expression on his face changed from cloudy to sunny

breaking the cocoon into a butterfly and taking off magnificently

2009, faced with the dilemma that informatization has become the bottleneck of service quality improvement, Sany people began to vigorously develop service informatization work. After two years of dedicated research and development, an information system suitable for parts planning, warehousing, finance and supervision came into being. Service informatization has achieved a historic leap from nothing to existence and from existence to excellence. Service satisfaction, parts shortage rate and other core indicators reflecting the service level of the group have been greatly improved with the development and use of information systems. Information technology has provided the service operation with wings to take off

from scratch, from ownership to excellence

the accessories Department of the business plan headquarters needs to monitor nearly 50000 pieces of demand from branches and agents every month and judge whether there is a shortage of parts; The service supervision department of the business planning headquarters needs to manually process nearly 20000 return visits every month. This is a set of real numbers. Before the informatization, all data were counted manually, with low operation efficiency, high work intensity, low accuracy and poor timeliness. It can also be cut to a suitable length at the time of placement, and the group level cannot achieve unified supervision

Sany: the revolutionary road of service informatization

in order to completely change the backward status of service informatization construction, the service material management department of the business planning headquarters has established a professional informatization implementation team and completed the group's service informatization blueprint. Today, with the successful promotion of the information system, the PMS system of 400 warehouses has been launched, and the consistency between accounts and actual accounts has reached 99.89%; Service satisfaction increased by 0.23 points year-on-year, and the shortage rate decreased by 2.22% year-on-year; 24 the hourly completion rate is significantly improved until the rubber pattern is torn off

looking back, it is not difficult for us to find that this is a successful revolution of Sany service informatization, which has achieved its own qualitative leap in this revolution

in September, 2009, the PMS system project was successfully launched. In October, the development and design of CSM system return visit interface and operation functions were completed, realizing the whole process monitoring from service dispatch to completion, from order placement to return visit, ensuring the timeliness of service monitoring data and the scientificity of data analysis. In March2010, the PMS pilot of three provincial warehouses was launched, achieving a historic breakthrough in the information-based monitoring of the shortage rate, and the shortage rate decreased significantly in that month. In April, the service information database construction project was launched. In June, the PMS system of 30 provincial warehouses was successfully launched, realizing the comprehensive monitoring of provincial warehouses, and the shortage rate decreased to 3.4%. In November, the PMS system covered more than 300 secondary and tertiary warehouses and some pumping dealer warehouses nationwide, and the shortage rate further decreased to 1.73%. In August, 2011, the PMS system successfully covered 380 warehouses at all levels (including some dealer warehouses) of the group's eight business divisions and their branches across the country, and the shortage rate dropped to 0.47%. Up to now, the PMS system has stably supported the daily operation of Sany's accessories business in nearly 400 warehouses around the world. Its powerful and efficient report query platform provides a real-time and accurate reference for the group's service operation

business led informatization

decision led destiny

in 2009, tangxiuguo, President of Sany group, put forward the guiding ideology of "business led informatization", requiring that the informatization blueprint be associated with key business indicators such as service satisfaction, promote informatization with business needs, and enhance business with informatization. In the same year, the informatization implementation team of the service material management department was established and worked with the IT headquarters to make a blueprint for the informatization of service parts

in the next two years, under the leadership of maojianhua, the service director of Sany group, the service parts team has always been committed to the standardization and information construction of the service parts system, ensuring the timeliness, accuracy and impartiality of the data, helping the division comprehensively improve the service level, vigorously promote the construction of the service information database, and realize the unified management of the service parts information data, The informatization management level of the group's service parts has been greatly improved

experts are not boastful.

with the system requirements, how to implement the system and successfully promote it requires a group of implementation personnel who are familiar with the system and proficient in business. The expert business backbone team and the experienced informatization implementation team are the main promoters of this project. Their core members have more than 10 years of professional experience and have a deep understanding of business processes, which has laid a solid foundation for the construction of information systems

at the beginning of the project approval in 2009, the company transferred Huang Jintao, the former head of the Application Development Department of the IT headquarters and the MBA candidate of Central South University, to the project team. On the one hand, he was responsible for the implementation of the group's new accessories project (PMS system), on the other hand, he continued to promote the application of CSM, GCP and other systems. Huang Jintao participated in the construction of the company's earliest call center and the development of the return visit platform, and has rich experience in information technology, especially in the field of service information; Later, luochengfa, the project manager in charge of ecc-csm project, joined the project team and continued to promote the implementation of service projects by using his rich experience in service informatization

in order to better implement the president's idea of "business led informatization", the informatization implementation team has changed the previous way in which the business department only raised demand and the IT department only focused on technology implementation. By combining the informatization blueprint with key business indicators such as service satisfaction, the business operation and system functions, and the operation of expatriates with the unified supervision of the headquarters, Implement the policy of "information demand originates from business and information promotes business". After more than two years of project implementation, the team conducted in-depth research on the actual business, established a set of parts management information system (PMS) to adapt to the company's business development, and further improved the CSM, GCP and other systems jointly with the IT headquarters, creating a complete system platform to achieve the goal of comprehensive informatization

efficient execution is better than everything

at the beginning of project operation, the project operation management system that has greatly improved the service life of equipment came into being. In the next two years, the information technology team regularly or irregularly organized various meetings to coordinate issues, which fully ensured the smooth progress of the project. At the same time, all aspects of information training shall be conducted for business department users to help them be competent for the corresponding system user roles. The cooperation with business departments can effectively avoid the embarrassment that the system does not match the actual business needs, and improve the compatibility of the system. In addition, the project stipulates to accept the project according to the needs of the business department. If the business department is not satisfied, the project will not be accepted. This enables the project team to actively collect requirements, organize discussions, listen to users' opinions, and timely improve the system according to business feedback. Finally, the system fully realized the requirements of the business department and was highly recognized by users

global layout of service informatization

service informatization is being optimized and upgraded step by step. In 2012, the informatization of service parts will be based on the domestic market and promoted to the global market. At the same time, with the service informatization as the driving force, realize the visualization of all key business indicators such as sales performance, service personnel performance and quality at all levels of the group, business divisions, branches/agents, so as to form a benign competition and assistance mechanism; In addition, through the integration of the service parts management system and other systems, with the service parts informatization as the benchmark, it will drive the development of informatization of other modules, create a unified information platform at the group level, and achieve a new situation in which the group's informatization goes hand in hand, a hundred schools of thought contend and flourish


business plan wangzhixin, head of the accessories Management Department of the headquarters:

for information work, the most demanding department is the best driving department, and the most demanding people have the most say

yangxingbo, a provincial warehouse in Shanghai:

"if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools.". Faced with the diversity of warehouse materials and the complexity of external business, it is inevitable that various errors will occur in our work. The "weapon" brought by the group to us this time - the pms/wms warehouse parts management system is extremely powerful, which has helped us improve the consistency between accounts and reality and work efficiency. After mastering the operating system, it has become a magic weapon in my daily work

"manage the warehouse like a bank". The warehouse manages thousands of materials, so that each material has an accurate position in the warehouse, which is the premise for the rapid development of our daily business. The parts management system provides us with guarantee from the source. It is warehoused through WMS handheld operation, and each material corresponds to a storage location; During delivery, the PMS system accurately displays the location of each material, which greatly reduces the picking time and enables us to process each business as quickly as possible

after becoming more familiar with the information system, many unnecessary work mistakes have been reduced and work efficiency has been improved. I believe that the pms/wms system can help us manage every asset of the group

Huang Genshen of Harbin warehouse:

pms system is very helpful to my work. The more I know about PMS, the more I feel I can't live without it

as a warehouse manager, the biggest responsibility is to ensure that the accounts are consistent with the facts. The accurate management of stock in and stock out is an important means to ensure the consistency between accounts and facts. Today, the PMS system provides evidence for the delivery of goods, which not only improves the consistency between the accounts and the actual situation, but also provides an effective guarantee for the company's property safety

chentiehu, parts management department of business planning headquarters:

pms system has played an important role in promoting the improvement of many work since it was launched. First of all, in terms of customer demand order management, the accuracy of spot satisfaction rate is significantly improved by inputting customer demand through the PMS system, and

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