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Review the four innovations in the label printing industry

smart labels

with people's higher and more comprehensive information needs for the production, storage and transportation, quality assurance, anti-counterfeiting, governance and many other aspects of commodities, the traditional bar code labels are obviously inadequate. With the progress of science and technology and its application in the field of label making, a new, multi-functional and good anti-counterfeiting smart label has been widely used, which will bring new vitality and vigor to the label printing industry

smart tags are also called radio frequency identification tags. They are high-tech products in the field of tags. Now they have played an important role in product packaging and will gradually replace the traditional product labels and bar codes. The continuous growth of intelligent Global trade volume is accompanied by the increasing number of cargo ships in service. The label is a rookie in the label field. It has the function of surpassing the traditional label and is the crystallization of high and new technologies such as electronics and computers in label printing. Compared with traditional identification methods, smart tags (RFID) are widely used in many industries such as production, logistics, transportation, medical treatment, anti-counterfeiting, identity verification and so on because of their accurate, efficient and safe way, high anti-counterfeiting function and real-time monitoring of products

in mold label

in mold label is also called in mold label. It is a new label printing form different from the traditional direct screen printing, heat shrinkable label and self-adhesive label. According to the labeling method, it can be divided into blow molding in mold label and injection molding in mold label. PP or synthetic paper is used for surface treatment, and the back is coated with special hot-melt adhesive to become special label paper. After the label is printed and made, it is sent to the inside of the mold by a manipulator, and the hot-melt adhesive resin on the back of the label in the mold is melted with the help of the high temperature extruded by the plastic melt adhesive, so as to integrate the label and the container. After the finished product comes out, it can be seen that the exquisitely printed labels are firmly embedded on the surface of the plastic products, and the labels and the plastic bottles are on the same surface. It feels that the color graphics and texts without labels are directly printed on the surface of the bottle, which is very beautiful. At the same time, it has the functions of anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, oil-proof, mould proof, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance and so on, which is safe, environmentally friendly and has a high reuse rate

heat shrinkable film label

heat shrinkable packaging is a kind of packaging method widely used in commodity packaging. It can be used to package various types of products. It has the characteristics of transparency, sealing, moisture-proof, containerization and so on. Its process and equipment are simple, the packaging cost is low, and there are many kinds of packaging methods, which are favored by merchants and consumers. The heat shrinkable film label is a part of the label market. It is currently in rapid growth and its market share is expanding. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of this kind of experimental machine is about 15% of the mainstream product of today's omnipotent data experimental machine, which is much higher than the annual growth rate of about 5% of the ordinary label market. It has great development potential and has become a highlight of the label printing industry

digital label printing technology

the domestic daily chemical industry, such as Procter & Gamble, has shifted a lot from direct silk to self-adhesive and shrink film labels in the past few years, which has doubled the label growth of the daily chemical industry. However, with the business and stability, this growth rate will not continue. However, another logistics field that is not paid attention to by everyone is quietly developing. In foreign countries, thermal paper and printing paper are very simple in circulation and promotion, However, sometimes the requirements of product tracking involve variable codes or anti-counterfeiting requirements, query codes, labels that need to be re printed, and even direct variable electromechanical 1. It is necessary to import servo electromechanical printing, which is directly related to digital technology

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