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Recently, Ningbo Customs ordered an import and export company in Ningbo to directly return 114 tons of waste PE variegated crushed materials declared for import. After customs and commodity inspection, it was found that this batch of waste plastics contained a lot of mud, medical waste and other non-environmental substances, which were ordered to return out of the country by the customs. This is the largest amount of directly returned foreign garbage in recent years

it is understood that in recent years, in order to strictly prevent foreign garbage from entering the country and purify the customs clearance environment at the port, Ningbo Customs has adopted a series of strict supervision measures for imported wastes: first, centralized management has been implemented for the performance characteristics of digital electronic tensile testing machines and the wastes commonly protected, For imported wastes, three special (special storage yard, special personnel for inspection, and special passage for customs clearance) monitoring and coordination mode with high stability requirements shall be implemented; The second is to strengthen the contact and cooperation with the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and another trend is to design innovative environmental protection departments, so as to achieve three in place, namely, the inspection personnel are in place, the actual supervision is in place, and the laws and regulations are in place. The customs and inspection departments work together to crack down on the illegal activities of imported foreign garbage and increase the punishment; Third, make full use of advanced scientific and technological means such as the customs' large and anti-interference X-ray inspection equipment, while strengthening the inspection of imported wastes, improve the inspection speed, and ensure that the customs' supervision of imported wastes is strict and efficient. In addition, in accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, we will supervise the return of foreign garbage that has entered the country and seriously deal with illegal enterprises

as of December 29, 2007, Ningbo port directly returned 8721 tons of all kinds of foreign garbage, including 4392 tons of waste plastics, 4329 tons of waste hardware, electrical machinery and waste paper, an increase of 23.29%, 31.14% and 16.06% respectively over the same period last year. The vast majority of these foreign garbage come from Japan, the United States and other places, and there are great potential environmental pollution hazards

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