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Isoprene rubber has both opportunities and challenges.

isoprene rubber is a synthetic rubber obtained by polymerization of isoprene monomer under the action of catalyst. Its microstructure is similar to natural rubber. C) qualified product (c), Therefore, it is also called "synthetic natural rubber", which is a kind of general synthetic rubber with good comprehensive performance. It can be widely used in the fields of tires, rubber hoses, tapes and edible and pharmaceutical rubber products. At present, the main purpose is to replace natural rubber

before 2010, China's isoprene rubber production capacity was still zero. In April 2010, China's first isoprene rubber plant with a capacity of 30000 tons/year was put into operation in Maoming Luhua Chemical Co., Ltd; In September, the 30000 T/a rare earth isoprene rubber project of Qingdao ICOS synthetic rubber New Material Industrial Park Phase I project was completed, and trial production began in October. BASF, which invested in these two projects, is one of the largest foreign investors in China's chemical industry, filling the gap in China's isoprene rubber production and opening a new chapter in the development of isoprene rubber

"the 12th Five Year Plan" period is the golden period for the development of special rubber. Once the isoprene technology is implemented in China, it will produce huge social and economic benefits. Rubber has also attracted strong attention of capital because of its huge demand potential. In the future, isoprene rubber devices will be springing up, providing unlimited opportunities for the development of isoprene rubber, Isoprene rubber has also been pushed to the forefront, and the future of isoprene rubber is both opportunities and challenges

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