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Issue environmental protection sign "ID card" Chengdu monitors non road mobile machinery

"this is the environmental protection sign issued by the environmental protection department after this excavator was filed." On November 2, excavators worked back and forth at the construction site of Dongsheng Garden Primary School Project in Shuangliu District, Chengdu. The inspectors of Chengdu motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and control technical support center opened the "Chengdu non road mobile source emission supervision platform" applet on the, input the 11 digit number in the environmental protection sign on the excavator arm, compare and verify with the on-site operation machinery, and implement chemical monitoring

in view of the large number of motor vehicles and non road mobile machinery, the lack of competent units, the lack of license management, and serious air pollution, Chengdu has successively issued the measures for the prevention and control of exhaust pollution from motor vehicles and non road mobile machinery, the provisions on the supervision and management of emissions from non road mobile machinery and related supporting documents, and has implemented the registration and mark management of emissions from non road mobile machinery since July 1. Innovate the "ID card" management, adopt and collect the square cold plate with good surface quality on site, record and register 11 types of main non road mobile machinery such as excavators, loaders and bulldozers on the construction site, and issue environmental protection signs and "Id" codes if they pass the review; Explore "chemical" monitoring, and use small programs to carry out the management of mechanical site entry and exit. Non road mobile machinery must scan the "QR code" to enter the information before entering the site for operation. Non road mobile machinery that does not obtain emission environmental protection signs and does not meet the prohibited areas and emission standards are prohibited from entering the construction site

the environmental protection department of Chengdu, together with the competent departments of construction, urban management, transportation, housing management and other industries, has carried out "normalized" law enforcement, including the latest halogen-free brand (the expansion of its thermal conductive resin series), new polymer series with good electrical properties, innovative rubber for wire and cable mixing manufacturers, and strengthened the on-site inspection and law enforcement of non road mobile machinery at the construction site from the aspects of sign management, exhaust emission, oil quality, etc, For those who fail to register or use the regulatory equipment that is inconsistent with the record, who do not operate in accordance with the regulations on the management of emission signs or operate in the prohibited area, and who dismantle, leave idle, change, rent, or destroy the non road mobile machinery and electronics without authorization. In this case, 1 is the regulatory equipment with relatively large gap, such as labels, electronic fences, exhaust monitoring, etc., and a maximum fine of 20000 yuan will be imposed for each set

Chengdu also strengthened regional control and implemented the main body. It is required to strictly control the "forbidden areas". In the main urban areas with concentrated population and the areas with high development and construction intensity, the details are as follows: (1) the production of food related products should comply with laws, regulations and national food safety standards. In some areas of Tianfu New Area, the use of diesel engine equipped construction machinery with national I and below standards is prohibited for five years. Strengthen the main responsibility of "users", and require the construction units, supervision units, owner units, machinery property rights units (individuals) to implement the main body of exhaust pollution prevention and control of non road mobile machinery at the construction site in key links such as contract signing, work account, sign inspection, etc

since November 1, eight departments in Chengdu have formed a joint inspection team to go to the construction sites in all districts (cities and counties) by four routes to carry out pull-up special inspections on non road mobile machinery and related account management

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