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On January 20, the Ministry of industry and information technology organized a scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting in Beijing. Experts appraised the coke oven gas isothermal methanation reaction to natural gas technology jointly developed by Shanghai Huaxi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Huadong chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hanxing Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The appraisal committee believes that after nearly two years of industrial continuous operation practice, this technology is stable and reliable. It is an international initiative and reaches the international leading level. It is recommended to accelerate the promotion and application in the coking industry

according to Ji Zhiyuan, general manager of Shanghai Huaxi Chemical Technology Corporation, whose sales reached 30.328 billion yuan, at present, coke oven gas in China's coking industry is mainly used to produce synthetic ammonia, methanol, power generation, urban gas, etc. However, with the maturity and promotion of coal to synthetic ammonia and methanol technology, as well as the reduction of coal power generation costs and the replacement of urban gas by natural gas, the utilization of coke oven gas is limited, resulting in the direct high-altitude emission of coke oven gas in some areas and environmental pollution

in order to open up new ways of using coke oven gas with low investment, low energy consumption and clean production, since 2009, Shanghai Huaxi chemical technology company, Anhui east China chemical and pharmaceutical engineering company and Shanghai Hanxing energy technology company have worked together to tackle key problems, and successfully developed a section of isothermal bed Methanation to LNG (liquefied natural gas) technology, It has been successively applied to the 8500 m3/h coke oven gas LNG plant of Yunnan Qujing Qilin gas energy company and the 17000 m3/h coke oven gas LNG plant of Inner Mongolia etok banner Jianyuan coal coking company, realizing long-term stable operation

the results of industrial production and operation show that this technology has the advantages of short process, low investment, less land occupation, low energy consumption, simple operation and so on. The decarbonization process is omitted, and the conversion rate of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide reaches 99.95% and 99.9%

Ji Zhizhi told China chemical industry news that PEKK materials printed in 3D were used in aerospace and industrial utilization for the first time. This technology has high tolerance for carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in coke oven gas, strong adaptability, high conversion rate, and the total content of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide at the outlet of the reactor is less than 50ppm. More than 300 representatives from enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities gathered in Luoyang to discuss the development of the industry. The total hydrocarbon content of G products is more than 99%, the methane content is more than 97%, the high calorific value is 37.57 MJ/kg, the carbon dioxide content is less than 100ppm, the hydrogen sulfide content is zero, and the product quality is better than the national standard. Coke oven gas/lng has a high gas production ratio of 2.6:1

take a set of 1million ton/year coking plant as an example, its by-product coke oven gas is about 25000 cubic meters/hour. Using one-stage isothermal methanation technology to produce LNG, the engineering investment is saved by about 20million yuan, and the foreign proprietary technology cost is saved by about 15million yuan. On March 31 this year, the first flight of Boeing B787 (1) 0 aircraft was successful, saving about 200 kwh of power per hour and 1.5 million yuan of operating cost per year

Ji Zhizhi said that this technology not only provides a new way for high-value and efficient comprehensive utilization of coke oven gas, but also can be widely used in the fields of coal to syngas, coal to natural gas and carbon monoxide conversion in petrochemical, coal chemical and fine chemical industries. It is of great significance to solve the problem of natural gas shortage, chemical cleaner production, and haze pollution control

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