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According to the media, Sharon won the Israeli election

the sample survey results released by Israeli television on the evening of the 6th showed that Sharon, leader of the Israeli opposition right-wing Likud group, had won 59.5% of the votes in the prime minister election held on the same day and was elected the next prime minister of Israel

the sample survey results also showed that Sharon's rival, caretaker Prime Minister Barak, received only 40.5% of the vote

according to the arrangement, the voting on that day was finished at 10 p.m. local time, and the counting of votes was still in progress, but it was impossible for Barak to catch up with or exceed the number of votes of Sabine's professional consumer spring experimental machine dragon. The final results will be announced by the Central Election Commission on February 14

according to the latest statistics of the Central Election Commission, as of early that night, the voter turnout nationwide was only 58%, far behind the turnout in the 1999 Prime Minister election. There are 4.1 million registered voters in Israel

Sharon and other important members of Likud group as well as many party members used the polymetallic material tensile testing machine in detail at the Tel Aviv party headquarters that night to celebrate Sharon's election

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