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Shanxi issued the "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the healthy development of photovoltaic industry"

all municipal and County People's governments, all committees, offices, departments and bureaus of the provincial people's government, and all relevant enterprises:

in order to implement the spirit of the "several opinions of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of photovoltaic industry" (GF [2013] No. 24) and promote the healthy development of photovoltaic industry in the province, the following implementation opinions are put forward:

I General requirements

(I) guiding ideology

thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, take the construction of the pilot zone for comprehensive transformation and reform as the command and entry point, and focus on improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth, innovate institutional mechanisms, improve support policies, and stimulate effective market demand through market mechanisms; Improve the standard system, standardize the order of industrial development, and strive to promote industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading; Improve the market mechanism, speed up technological progress, strive to improve the quality and efficiency of the development of photovoltaic industry in our province, and make contributions to the development of photovoltaic industry in our province

(II) basic principles

scientific planning and orderly development. Through the investigation of the whole province, based on the comprehensive understanding of the situation of light resources in our province, we will scientifically plan, reasonably arrange and orderly develop photovoltaic power generation projects. Actively encourage the use of barren mountains, waste factories and mines to build ground photovoltaic power stations, and the use of buildings to build roof and building integrated photovoltaic power stations

policy support and market regulation. At the initial stage of the development of photovoltaic power generation, we should actively encourage and support the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects with incentive policies, improve the enthusiasm of enterprises to invest in photovoltaic power generation, and reduce the investment risk of enterprises. At the same time, we should follow the market rules, establish a policy exit mechanism and a market-oriented development mechanism, and cultivate the core competitiveness of photovoltaic enterprises

coordinate and cooperate to form a joint force. Strengthen policy coordination and industry self-discipline, support innovative development methods, mobilize the enthusiasm of local governments, enterprises and consumers, and jointly promote the development of photovoltaic industry

(III) development goals

guided by encouraging policies, focusing on promotion and application, driven by scientific and technological innovation, and aiming at industrial development, we should establish plans, policies, standards and orders that adapt to the development of photovoltaic industry in our province, actively promote the construction of large-scale ground-based power stations and distributed photovoltaic power stations, and focus on expanding the application of distributed photovoltaic power generation. By the end of 2015, the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation will strive to reach 2million kW, and by the end of 2020, it will strive to reach 5million kW

II. Actively explore the photovoltaic application market

(IV) vigorously explore the distributed photovoltaic power generation market

users are encouraged to give priority to supporting industrial parks, large exhibition venues, large shopping malls and supermarkets with large power consumption and high consistency between power consumption law and power generation rate in the way of "spontaneous self-use, surplus and power regulation". It is clearly stipulated that outdoor tobacco advertising roofs should not be set up and distributed photovoltaic power generation systems should be implemented. We will actively promote distributed solar photovoltaic power generation in schools, hospitals, party and government organs, public institutions and other office buildings built with government funds or energy-saving transformation. Support the use of photovoltaic power generation in remote areas to solve the problem of no electricity and power shortage. Encourage the planning and construction of emergency photovoltaic power stations in urban street lighting, communication base stations, traffic lights, urban park squares and ancillary buildings

(V) orderly promote the construction of photovoltaic power stations

make full use of abandoned mines, Gobi, wasteland and other difficult to develop land, as well as large agricultural facilities. On the basis of the implementation of power generation and consumption, build large-scale photovoltaic power stations in accordance with the principle of "reasonable layout, nearby access and orderly promotion". Encourage the use of existing power facilities to build photovoltaic power stations in a multi energy complementary manner. Coordinate the planning and construction of photovoltaic power stations and supporting electricity, and ensure the timely and efficient utilization of photovoltaic power stations

(VI) strive to develop international and domestic markets

build an external exchange platform, strengthen dialogue and coordination, and promote international industrial cooperation in the photovoltaic industry. Regulate the import and export order of photovoltaic products, improve the self-discipline of enterprise behavior, and support photovoltaic enterprises with their own brands, high scientific and technological content, and good financial conditions to earn foreign exchange through export. Encourage photovoltaic enterprises to innovate international trade methods and actively explore overseas investment and production cooperation. Encourage enterprises to expand the import of advanced technology and equipment, digest, absorb and innovate, improve the industrial level and enhance the market competitiveness. Encourage enterprises to implement the "going out" strategy, vigorously expand emerging markets, and promote photovoltaic enterprises to actively expand the domestic market while developing internationally

III. accelerate industrial restructuring and technological progress

(VII) strictly control polysilicon, photovoltaic cells and module projects that simply expand production capacity in Xinshang

photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises should have advanced technology and strong independent research and development capabilities. New photovoltaic manufacturing projects should meet the requirements that the conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells should not be less than 20%, polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells should not be less than 18%, thin-film photovoltaic cells should not be less than 12%, and the comprehensive power consumption of polycrystalline silicon production should not be higher than 100 kwh/kg. Speed up the elimination of polysilicon production capacity with high energy consumption, imperfect material recycling and environmental protection

(VIII) accelerate the improvement of technology and equipment

in combination with the development characteristics of the photovoltaic industry in our province, we should reasonably choose the technical path and industrial route, focus on improving the conversion rate and reducing the comprehensive power generation cost, give priority to supporting universities, scientific research institutions and photovoltaic enterprises to carry out technical research on new high-efficiency photovoltaic cell materials, large-scale parallel inverters, high-efficiency energy storage batteries, building photovoltaic components, etc., and focus on solving the problems of system optimization and integration, building integration Intelligent integration and other technical difficulties to improve core competitiveness. Cultivate a number of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises that provide supporting services for the photovoltaic industry to develop applicable photovoltaic system optimization design technology and optimize system configuration on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing international advanced achievements, so that the photovoltaic system has advanced technical performance such as automatic control, monitoring, data collection and transmission, information display, etc

IV. standardize the order of industrial development

(IX) strengthen planning and industrial policy guidance

according to the national scale arrangement plan, make overall arrangements for the implementation progress and development plan of the photovoltaic industry development in our province. Strengthen the connection and coordination between manufacturing industry and power generation application, photovoltaic power generation and supporting power construction. Improve the construction management system of photovoltaic power stations and distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, and promote the orderly development of photovoltaic power generation

(x) promote the construction of standardization system and testing and certification system

closely track the international advanced level of photovoltaic industry, collect and adopt relevant international standards and foreign advanced standards, and provide photovoltaic industry standard information services. Photovoltaic enterprises in our province are encouraged to transform advanced production technology standards, actively undertake the formulation of relevant national and industrial standards, and master the commanding heights of technology and the voice of the market. Guide and help photovoltaic enterprises to formulate enterprise standards for relevant products, establish enterprise standard system, and constantly improve product quality and standardized management level. Open up a green channel for formulating local standards of photovoltaic industry, and strengthen the construction of photovoltaic industry standard system mainly based on national standards and industrial standards and supported by local standards and enterprise standards

(XI) strengthen market supervision and management of the industry without flower marks

formulate, improve and strictly implement the standard conditions of photovoltaic manufacturing industry, standardize the order of photovoltaic market, promote the withdrawal of backward production capacity from the market, solve some parameters of many large-scale experimental machines for customers, and improve the level of industrial development. Implement the inspection and certification system for key products such as photovoltaic cell modules, inverters and control equipment. Products that fail to pass the inspection and certification are not allowed to enter the market. Strictly implement the photovoltaic power station equipment procurement, design supervision and project construction bidding system, and oppose unfair competition. Improve the qualification management of photovoltaic power generation project construction and operation technology posts. Strengthen the supervision of photovoltaic power generation access and operation. Strengthen the law enforcement and supervision of the renewable energy law of the people's Republic of China and supporting policies. It is not allowed to charge photovoltaic power generation enterprises fees other than those stipulated by laws and regulations in the name of levying resource use fees

v. improve and manage and service

(XII) strengthen the construction of supporting electricity

power enterprises should strengthen the construction and transformation of electricity suitable for photovoltaic power generation, and ensure that supporting electricity and photovoltaic power generation projects are completed and put into operation simultaneously. Actively develop micro electricity and smart electricity technologies that integrate advanced energy storage technology and information technology, and improve the ability of electric systems to accept photovoltaic power generation. For photovoltaic power generation projects connected to public electricity, the connection project and the public electricity transformation caused by the connection are invested and constructed by power enterprises. The distributed photovoltaic power generation connected to the user side, and the public power transformation caused by the connection is invested and constructed by the power enterprises

(XIII) improve photovoltaic power generation and operation services

power enterprises should provide and service for photovoltaic power generation, optimize system scheduling and operation, give priority to ensuring the operation of photovoltaic power generation, ensure that photovoltaic power generation projects are merged in time, and purchase the total amount of power generated. Simplify the power access mode and management procedures of distributed photovoltaic power generation, publish the distributed photovoltaic power generation and service process, and establish a simple and efficient parallel service system. The distributed photovoltaic power generation project is exempted from the system standby fee and related service fees. Strengthen the supervision of photovoltaic power generation access and operation

VI. improve support policies

(XIV) vigorously support user side photovoltaic applications

support the construction of user side distributed power generation, and support and encourage enterprises, institutions, communities and households to install and use photovoltaic power generation systems. Professional energy service companies are encouraged to cooperate with users to invest in the construction, operation and management of photovoltaic power generation and related facilities that supply power to users. The distributed photovoltaic power generation project shall be subject to filing management, and the distributed photovoltaic power generation application power generation business license shall be exempted. For distributed photovoltaic power generation projects that do not need state financial subsidies, if they have access to power operation conditions, they can be liberalized in scale construction. The total power of distributed photovoltaic power generation is included in the statistics of power generation and consumption of the whole society, and is used as the performance evaluation index of local governments and power enterprises. The self use power generation is not included in the scope of application of step tariff, but included in the energy savings of local governments and users

(XV) strengthen financial and tax policy support

improve the mechanism of provincial financial funds to support the development of photovoltaic industry, and increase support for solar resource measurement, evaluation and information system construction, research and development and industrialization of key technical equipment and materials, standard formulation, testing and certification system construction, new technology application demonstration, photovoltaic power generation application in rural and pastoral areas, and photovoltaic power generation project construction in power-free areas. Before 2015, a 50% VAT rebate policy will be implemented for photovoltaic power generation. The self consumption of distributed photovoltaic power generation is exempted from various government funds and surcharges levied with the electricity price. If the R & D expenses of an enterprise meet the relevant conditions, they may be additionally deducted in the calculation of taxable income in accordance with the provisions of the tax law. The merger and reorganization of enterprises can enjoy preferential tax policies in accordance with the current tax policies. Local governments at all levels are encouraged to use financial funds to support the utilization of photovoltaic power generation

(XVI) improve financial support policies

increase credit support for photovoltaic enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, advanced technology and great development potential, and give credit preference to photovoltaic enterprises with markets, orders, benefits and credibility, and increase credit. Financial products and service providers

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