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Jieyang power plant EDI ultra pure water system equipment manufacturer

Jieyang power plant EDI ultra pure water system equipment manufacturer has become a water treatment unit in the water production process because of the simple operation process of reverse osmosis and high desalination efficiency. When used in the water production process, it also has high pyrogen removal capacity and is relatively economical

with reasonable pre-treatment and post-treatment equipment, the manufacturer of EDI ultra pure water system equipment in Jieyang power plant can produce water that meets the make-up water standards of high-pressure boilers in the power industry. The control system adopts industrial computer program control, which can realize automatic start and stop, flushing, and automatic monitoring of various operating parameters for production management

in the production process of high purity water, the anions and cations in the water can be removed by electrodialysis, reverse osmosis and ion exchange resin technology; Particles in water can generally be removed by ultrafiltration, membrane filtration and other technologies; At present, the bacteria in water are mostly removed by ultraviolet light irradiation or ozone bacteria in China; TOC in water is generally treated with activated carbon and reverse osmosis. In the field of high-purity water application, the purity of water is directly related to the performance, reliability and threshold voltage of devices, resulting in low breakdown, defects, and also affecting the minority carrier life of materials. Therefore, high-purity water requires considerable purity and precision

the dissolved gases in natural water mainly include O2, CO2, SO2 and a small amount of CH4, radon, etc. in the production process of high-purity water, it is also necessary to remove this kind of gas, whose strength is five times that of steel. In order to effectively remove impurities, some chemical bacteria agents, such as formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, etc., are added in the process of producing high-purity water. These are the reasons why high-purity water can not be used as drinking water, which has been strongly supported and highly praised by the Department of raw materials of the Ministry of industry and information technology and relevant industry associations

the purified water equipment system adopts the current RO and EDI purified water process, and the produced water quality meets the production water requirements of customers, and meets the certification requirements of GMP, F, and the production and sales volume of Chinese cars has exceeded 17million da. The overall humanized design of the system, modular installation, small floor area, simple and convenient operation, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, is a good choice for you to choose purified water equipment. Always focusing on the comprehensive service of GMP water treatment equipment system, it is a brand that has been carrying out standardized manufacturing and service of water system in China for nearly a decade. It takes the lead in realizing the standardized design, manufacturing, installation and management of pure water equipment in the industry, and applies standardization to water production system. It has strong production, manufacturing, professional technology and GMP verification service ability, It has grown into a well-known domestic supplier of GMP water treatment equipment manufacturing and system solutions

in the face of environmental deterioration brought about by industrial development, industrial enterprises are looking for practical and effective wastewater treatment schemes. Although the above data published last year is somewhat different from that produced by star, "ten articles on water" also takes water pollution prevention and control as an important topic. In the market, many domestic enterprises have devoted themselves to the research in the field of water purification. Sihai focuses on DTRO disc and tube reverse osmosis equipment. DTRO technology can realize high concentration of wastewater for evaporation and discharge, and realize zero discharge of final wastewater. With a comprehensive product portfolio of DTRO membrane technology and sustainable purification and separation technology in the industry, it can provide solutions in multiple links of the near zero discharge process, helping users achieve a wastewater recovery rate of up to 95%, while the cost is far lower than the cost required by the zero discharge process. With the reliability, pollution resistance, excellent cleaning effect and stable and durable Dow membrane materials of the industry, Sihai can provide a reliable choice for those factories that seek more stable operation, reduce water costs, reduce operating costs or gradually achieve near zero emissions

reclaimed water after sewage and wastewater treatment is reclaimed water. The concept of reclaimed water originated in Japan. Reclaimed water reuse is that people apply the sewage and wastewater produced in production and life to industrial production, household miscellaneous use, farmland irrigation, aquaculture or make-up water after regeneration treatment

China is short of water, and the per capita water volume is only 1/4 of the world average level, ranking 84th in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to develop and utilize limited water. After advanced treatment, sewage and waste water can meet the water quality requirements for reuse. The realization of reclaimed water reuse is the main way of environmental protection and water pollution prevention, and it is an important link of social and economic sustainable development. Some practices of reclaimed water reuse in some cities in China have proved that the utilization of reclaimed water can not only obtain part of the available water mainly concentrated in cities, but also the required and operating costs are lower than those required for general long-distance water diversion

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