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Shanghai machine tool protective cover manufacturer our company specializes in the production of various machine tool accessories

Shanghai machine tool protective cover manufacturer our company specializes in the production of various machine tool accessories. Our company has a technically excellent and experienced design team to assist customers in designing reliable and effective non-standard solutions, has dozens of foreign CNC finishing equipment, and implements strict ISO9001 quality management system for testing and control, Adhering to the principle of "customer first, harmony and win-win", we provide customers with high-quality products and technical support, as well as perfect after-sales service

machine tool protective cover

how to maintain the machine tool protective cover

1. In order to simplify the fixing and installation, the machining origin of the machining center on the fixed surface of each fixture should be accurate coordinate size

2. In order to ensure the consistency between the installation position of parts and the selection direction of programmed workpiece coordinates and machine coordinate system, and the installation direction

3. It can be deleted in a short time to adapt to the new workpiece fixture. Because the auxiliary time of the machining center is compressed very short, it can't take too much time to support fixed loading and unloading

4. The fixture should have as few elements and high stiffness as possible

5. Try to open the fixture polyimide. The spatial position of the clamping element can be very low, and the installation fixture and tool cannot interfere with one-step path

6. Ensure the processing of parts within the range of spindle travel

7. The relevant molds can be replaced between the table processing centers. The interaction of experiments on relevant materials can also be carried out according to the national standard gbt9753 (2) 007 "cupping experiment of paints and varnishes" and gbt15825 (2) 008 "formability and experimental methods of sheet metal". Due to the movement and rotation of the workbench, the fixture design must prevent the spatial interference between the fixture and the machine tool

8. Try to finish all the contents in the clamping process. When replacing the clamping point, pay special attention not to damage the fixing accuracy of the replacement clamping point. If there is a necessary document in this process

9. The flatness between the fixture base and the workbench and the bottom of the fixture must be ensured to be within 0 02mm, and the surface roughness is not greater than ra3.2

machine tool protective cover

the armor type protective cover is designed to withstand the +900 ℃ high temperature caused by impact and hot debris. The stainless steel armor assembled on each folding surface has this function. They can swing or be fixed. The protective cover for swinging armor is: when the protective cover is in a compressed state, force the armor to rotate outward by 90 °. Each folded layer of the vertical shield of armor type stainless steel machine tool can withstand strong vibration without deformation. At the same time, it is applied to the bellows and remains in its original state at a high temperature of 900 ℃. They support each other and play a role in preventing the penetration of small fragments Features according to the expansion and contraction on the guard grid, the waste piece of this sample has a small space, the necessary conditions are reliable, the protective layer is low and resists a large amount of dust, sand, iron filings, high temperature resistant expansion pieces are made of aluminum alloy and stainless lead steel plate, there is no bonding relationship

machine tool protective cover

to external force extrusion impact, there is no deformation, and the elongation and compression ratio is large. 4. Protection function: up to: This type of dust cover has the characteristics of strong acid, alkali and corrosion resistance The ambient temperature is no more than degrees Celsius If the working environment temperature is too high, this type of dust cover must be treated for high temperature resistance The specific method is to install stainless steel plates on the dust cover. The dust cover so modified is called armor dust cover We use the machine tool drag chain, and sometimes we need to maintain its accessories. One of the methods is the lubrication of machine tool accessories, and the requirements for this technology are also very strict. If the organ protective cover is in a moderate temperature environment, you can choose this method. When the drag chain needs high-speed or high-frequency operation, try to make the wires separate from each other horizontally, and refuse to overlap each other. When there are many wires, cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, etc., it is recommended to place them separately and use spacers. Support plate can be selected - when there are many specifications and varieties of separately installed pipe cables, support plate frame type can be selected, which is the protective effect of machine tool protective cover. In practical application, manufacturers usually reserve% ~ according to user needs. Then the main measurement indicators of mechanical properties of engineering plastic drag chains: test the mechanical strength of engineering plastic drag chains. The test items include: tensile strength, elongation at break, bending strength, notchless impact strength, notched impact strength and Rockwell hardness. The machine tool protective cover is used to protect the machine tool and protect the surface of the machine tool from external corrosion and damage. It has many kinds, including the organ protective cover used on the guide rail, the steel plate protective cover, and the lead screw protective cover used on the lead screw, including: Circular protective cover, square protective cover, polygon protective cover. These methods are different. There are steel wire support type, suture type, roller shutter type protective cover and armor protective cover

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