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Application of sirudi gravure printing machine in decorative printing

decorative printing is a Xintiandi in the international printing industry. This is a very large and professional market. The vast majority of processing manufacturers have their own special standards and processing technology, and purchase equipment according to their own requirements and technology

the printing materials used for decorative printing are mainly some special papers and plastics. These special papers are generally 70g/m2 thick, and most of them use water-based inks. In the past, PVC was generally used as the base material of plastics. In recent years, it has been replaced by PP base material, and solvent based inks are used

decorative printing usually uses four colors, while plastic printing sometimes has more colors, but the maximum printing speed will be greatly limited, usually no more than 150m/min, while the general speed of modern decorative paper printing machines can reach 250-300m/min, as high as 500m/min. There are usually three kinds of maximum width of decorative printing materials, 1800mm for paper and film printing machines, 2250mm or 2700mm, mainly for paper printing machines, but they are all printed by gravure machines

Cerutti group of Italy is one of the largest manufacturers of gravure and flexographic printing machines in the world, and is recognized as the world leader in gravure and flexographic printing equipment and technology. Since the first rotary gravure printing machine was shipped in 1947, serudi group, which is the world's leading technology, has put thousands of production lines into operation all over the world. Their first printing machine factory was established in Casale town near Milan, Italy, in 1956. At present, five factories have been established in Italy, two factories in the United States, and offices have been set up in Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona, London, Pittsburgh, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. In 1997, the total sales volume was 353.7 billion lira, of which about 80% were exported to all parts of the world. The publishing gravure press accounts for 59% of the world market, and the packaging gravure press accounts for 35% - 37% of the world market. Now the total number of employees exceeds 1160

ceroody has successfully developed two models on the decorative printing machine: r945 printing unit -- this model adopts the automatic replacement mode of printing trolley. R168 type printing unit -- its optional configuration is a movable wallboard, which can adapt to the needs of printing plate rollers with different nominal widths, such as 2250mm and 2700mm. The unwinding rack can also adopt a movable support arm to adapt to the requirements of two rollers with different widths at the same time. The winding rack can be equipped with a wire splitting (longitudinal cutting) device, as well as a two station trolley, which can replace the printing plate roller, a two station trolley, and an ink tank

based on the fact that the normal batch of decorative printing products is usually several thousand meters long, the group's technical department has adopted many new technologies on the machine, so that the products can be replaced quickly, which further improves the repeatability of product printing and reduces the generation of waste products. Compared with other gravure printing machines, the progressiveness of the sirudi gravure printing machine has six aspects:

first, the use of water-based ink, the use of inking roller inking, to achieve high-speed printing, no ink splash phenomenon, can reduce the amount of ink required for circulation

second, at the end of product printing, pre clean the plate cylinder and ink supply parts to make the product replacement process easier

third, each printing unit adopts independent AC drive without shaft, and it can also provide spindle and differential gear drive. It does not need to use compensation roller mechanism, so it can shorten the length of material belt

Fourthly, in order to compensate for the elongation of paper tape (material tape) after printing and before drying, the surface of the transition roll is processed with a special groove to form the automobile lightweight non-metallic material industry alliance. Therefore, there is no need to brake the transition roll, which can make the production speed higher

fifth, the plate cylinder is locked by a spring mechanism (without gears). The same mechanism is also used on the largest publishing gravure press. Due to the use of the highest quality parts, there is no speed limit

sixthly, in order to improve the drying efficiency and reduce the length of the material belt, the drying oven only adopts unilateral drying, and adopts front and rear nozzles at the same time to improve the drying effect

the six progressiveness mentioned above are all available in the recently produced sirudi gravure press. In addition, the sleeve flexible impression cylinder of Cyrus in the impression cylinder assembly is also quite unique, which is composed of two parts, a fixed internal mandrel and a rotating external cylinder. The fixed parts are connected to the vertical guide rail, two cylinders apply pressure to the drum according to the common gravure principle, and a hose is connected to one end of the drum to transmit compressed air or hydraulic oil into the expandable inner air. When the inner space is pressurized and expanded, the tubular ring of the hydraulic fatigue machine of the contact parts modified by StarTech can transmit the pressure to the outer sleeve through two rotating bearings, and the outer sleeve can rotate freely around its core wire. Currently, there are more than 14 for your reference and review! The electronic universal testing machines produced by StarTech mainly include floor type electronic universal testing machine, single arm electronic universal testing machine, double arm electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled high temperature universal testing machine and other types. Serudi flexible embossing cylinder is used in 00 printing units. On the wood grain printing machine for decoration, the surface of serudi flexible embossing cylinder adopts rubber sleeve in specific environment, The replacement time of each printing unit sleeve shall not exceed 2min, and the paper tape does not need to be broken when the sleeve is disassembled

another improvement of ceroody is the doctor blade assembly, which can be raised to the vertical upper limit position when changing products. Its movement is driven by the motor and can be preset so that the same production can be repeated. If the doctor blade assembly is turned to the vertical upward position, it is not necessary to remove the doctor blade seat when replacing the doctor blade on the machine

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