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material: most of the raw materials used for punching are: stainless steel plate, low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, PVC plate, cold rolled coil, hot rolled plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, etc

types: pattern punching, forming punching, heavy punching, Foshan stainless steel manufacturer, ultra thin punching, microporous punching, wire cutting punching, Foshan stainless steel manufacturer, laser punching, etc

The round hole is usually made of galvanized steel plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, nickel plate and alloy plate by punching with a die. The product has the characteristics of beauty, strong integrity, uniform holes, smooth surface, easy processing, low cost and so on

according to the different materials of raw materials, it can be divided into: galvanized steel plate round hole, stainless steel plate round hole, copper plate round hole, aluminum plate round hole, nickel plate round hole, etc

purpose: round holes are usually used for the production of speakers for electrical products, protective covers and ventilation covers for small equipment, Foshan stainless steel manufacturers, components of silencing system, filtration of filter elements, shields and furniture, booth production and decoration

polystyrene foam is divided into expandable EPS and continuous extruded XPS. Compared with EPS board, XPS board is the third generation of hard foaming insulation material. From the process, it overcomes the complicated production process of EPS board and has superior performance that EPS board can't replace. It is a plate with continuous and uniform surface layer and closed cell honeycomb structure made of polystyrene resin and other additives through extrusion process. These thick plates with honeycomb structure will not have gaps at all. The insulation material with closed cell structure can have different pressures (kPa) and have the same low thermal conductivity (only 0.028w/m.k). On April 6, it is mainly to protect the profile during transportation This kind of new materials and their long-lasting excellent thermal insulation and compressive properties are exhibited at the "World Exhibition of high functional materials 2016" held in Beijing. The compressive strength can reach kPa

steel plate series, with firm holes, long service life and wide use, is mainly used for civil construction, cement batch, mechanical equipment protection, handicraft manufacturing, high-end speaker cover. Highway guardrail, stadium enclosure, road green belt protection. Heavy steel plates can be used for oil tank car pedals, working platforms, ladders and walkways of heavy machinery, boilers, oil mines, locomotives, 10000 ton ships, etc. It can also be used as reinforcement in construction industry, highway and bridge

it is also applied to national defense, industry, railways and highways, shipbuilding, coal, light industry and textiles, building materials, agriculture and sidelines, aquaculture, gardens, minerals, petrochemicals, household appliances, and also applied to integrated ceilings, anti-theft doors and windows, safety channels, corridors and stairs to lower the movable table back to the original position, baffles, tables and chairs, benches, vents, various frames and shelves carrying goods, etc

nowadays, the most suitable guardrail material on the railway is steel plate

fence netting is also called protection. Due to regional differences, southerners are used to being called barriers, while northerners are used to being called guardrails. Guardrails in China are mainly divided into garden guardrails, railway guardrails, bridge guardrails, highway guardrails, sports fences, airport fences, etc. (they are widely used)

by type, it is divided into: frame guardrail, triangle bending guardrail, double side wire guardrail, double circle guardrail, wavy guardrail, stadium guardrail, blade thorn guardrail, thorn rope guardrail, PVC coated wire guardrail, etc. (types are diversified)

according to the material classification of guardrails: Iron guardrails, stone guardrails, PVC guardrails, wooden guardrails, cement guardrails, plastic steel guardrails, stainless steel iron guardrails, glass guardrails, etc

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