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The manual production date coding machine reminds us to keep our eyes open to prevent tampering with the door

commodities in life, regardless of their size, have a quality guarantee and have a service life. Commodities beyond the quality guarantee period will deteriorate to a certain extent, especially those in the food industry, which can cause food poisoning. In the commodity market, each commodity has its identity symbol, and the production date or batch number work together to form a commodity's identity card. The production date is usually displayed on the package of goods, which is convenient for consumers to view, and the production date is printed by the production date printer. There are many kinds of coding machines in packaging production. The main types of coding machines in the market are ribbon coding machines, and 90% of managers believe that their enterprises lack talent reserves. Pneumatic coding machines, ink wheel coding machines, etc., all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages, and have their own extraordinary markets in different areas of Shaanxi for the measurement needs of Qinghai People's hospital

ink wheel coding machine is widely used, and some small companies will use it. The simple reason is that its price is the most affordable. In addition, its shortcomings are easy to erase and weak adhesion, which also provides opportunities for many illegal traders to commit crimes. Because this can be proved from the initial wear of passive bearings, many goods may not be sold during their warranty period, and businesses will seek other ways to avoid losses in the future. Changing the production date of goods and selling them on shelves again is the choice of many businesses. Manual production date coding machine, clear printing: using thermal printing tape, without drying, clear printing, can be any packaging material ok-pt, PR, OPP, CPP heat shrinkable label, aluminum foil, paper, etc. Manual production date coding machine is simple to use: reasonable design, precise processing, high-quality quality make users feel at ease, convenient maintenance. The manual production date coding machine is convenient for word changing: it adopts a special word changing structure, which is particularly convenient for movable type loading and unloading. The advantages of manual production date coding machine attract illegal traders

therefore, in our daily life, we must open our eyes and carefully choose goods. Choosing goods is to check whether the production date of goods has any signs of tampering, so as to prevent our own interests from being harmed

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