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Qingyang LED solar road lamp manufacturer Xi'an solar courtyard lamp manufacturer, development plan

now, we are all emphasizing the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection. The state is also vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and providing support for the development of new energy. Xi'an solar garden lamp manufacturer - Yuzhou lighting, also actively increases strict control over the production of solar garden lamps

4. Colloidal battery adopts the method of falsely marking the battery capacity to cut corners on work and materials, but after a long time, the purchaser also understands it and directly asks the size and weight, regardless of the manufacturer's capacity. Buyers thought that this would prevent manufacturers from cutting corners, but you underestimated the innovation ability of the Chinese people. Many dishonest manufacturers poured cement into colloidal batteries to balance the weight. Or adopt renovated colloidal battery

as an important way to use solar energy, solar lighting must be paid more and more attention by the new energy industry, lighting industry and consumers. We are not thinking about how to obtain benefits, but how to make products better and sell them, so as to get more customers. This is the basic development of solar courtyard lamp manufacturers. The lamp pole adopts the surface anti-corrosion process, which has strong corrosion resistance, firmness and firmness, and is convenient for installation, maintenance and care. The weld on the surface of the lamp pole is smooth and tidy, and the coating has strong adsorption force. It is not only simple in structure and convenient to use, but also stable in lifting and lowering, safe and firm, and will not rust, making the street lamp pole more beautiful and prolong its service life

Qingyang LED solar road lamp manufacturer Xi'an solar courtyard lamp manufacturer - Yuzhou lighting should sell its products, The important thing is to make customers satisfied with the products you produce. When producing solar garden lights, we should pay attention to the strict control of product technology, design, quality and other links, and require to do every detail well, so customers will naturally come to you

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in recent years, solar courtyard lamps have been used more and more frequently. Even our own community has installed solar courtyard lamps in accordance with the construction specifications. Xi'an solar garden lamp manufacturer - Yuzhou lighting, provides you with various high-quality solar lamps, bringing freshness, beauty and convenience to your community Interest driven, profit oriented and light-weight are the essential reasons for the chaos of the solar street lamp industry. For an enterprise, this idea has already run through the upper, middle and lower reaches. Through the penetration of all levels, a complete interest chain is formed, and the loopholes in the external market are popular, leading to chaos in the market

there are great advantages in using solar garden lights in the community. The shape design of the solar courtyard lamp in the residential area also adds a feature to the residential area. Of course, the owners choose to live in a place where they hope the scenery can be beautiful. They can also take a walk downstairs in the evening. The solar courtyard lamp can also provide lighting, which is very convenient

Qingyang LED solar road lamp manufacturer from the cost point of view, the solar garden lamp of Yuzhou lighting does not need electricity, which can save a lot of electricity for the owner. It not only needs to change the direction of the valve port and the size of the opening of the parallel digital valve to realize the change of tensile stress and compressive stress, but also can use such a good street lamp with electricity payment. In addition, the garden lamp is also very environmental friendly, and will not emit harmful gases to pollute the environment, Give the residential area a fresh environment

7. The lamp pole has also become a serious disaster area of Jerry built work. Considering the self weight and wind resistance grade, the 6-meter solar energy notch impact strength is carried out on the ZBC ⑵ 5B pendulum impact tester according to GB1843 (80) standard; The tensile property shall be tested on cmt6104 universal electronic testing machine according to gb/t1040 ⑼ 2 standard. The conical rod shall be used, and the conventional thickness shall be ≥ 3mm, hot-dip galvanized. Some manufacturers dare to give you 2mm thick, even without galvanizing. It's really brave to die of hunger. There is also an innovative 76mm+140mm galvanized pipe as the main rod, which is extremely unsafe because of horizontal welding. There are also innovations, such as the so-called straight in lamppost, without flange, and so on. Here secretly, there secretly hundreds. Is this the difficulty that bad money expels good money

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32. European and American countries have begun to popularize lamp poles, but like China, LED street lamp poles have begun to be mass produced, which is also the call of international energy conservation and the popularity of lighting in various countries in previous years. It is also good news for enterprises, but it also faces challenges. With the development of lighting products from outdoor to indoor, the price of lighting products, including LED street lamps, is also constantly decreasing

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