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Manitowak: to a new height

in December 2015, Mr. Barry pennypacker took over the leadership of manitowak crane group. As a new president and CEO, this is a time when the global crane industry is facing the most challenging economic environment. At the same time, it is also facing the impact of major changes in the group company, that is, the separation of food processing equipment business from the group and the establishment of an independent manitowac crane company

Barry pennypacker, President and CEO of manitowac crane group, the main task of the new president is to bring the changing manitowac company into a new era. We need to improve the manufacturing of our full range of products to ensure that our customers get more return on investment. Therefore, President pennypacker proposed the "Manitowoc way" strategy, a lean development strategy that comprehensively improves efficiency and innovation in the group company

the author hopes to know more about the progress of the implementation of this strategy through the dialogue with the president. Since becoming an independent crane company, we have seen that as a global company with a history of 100 years, major changes are being implemented after the president takes over. It is the implementation of these transformation measures that ensure the long-term, stable and healthy operation and development of the company, and maintain the leading position of the company in the global crane manufacturing industry

Q: since you joined manitowac, the company has changed a lot. Please talk about how you view these changes in our company during this period of time

President: in 2016, we formulated a strong vision strategy for manitowac crane company, that is, to be more customer-centric and pay more attention to the needs of customers. The core of this strategy is the "manitowac approach", which is a set of corporate strategies that use the principle of lean to guide and drive our innovation and improve efficiency, and should be implemented in every aspect of our business development. We have made significant progress and are moving towards our goals, and we are very proud to see that our employees and customers have fully embraced and integrated into the changes brought about by this new strategy

supply customers from warehouses all over Europe and the UK. "We closely Listen to customers' needs for cranes and integrate these needs into product design"

Q: there are many statements about the "manitowac way". How does this new guide change manitowac crane company

President: "manitowac 2. Before the experiment, we should estimate the maximum load of the experiment" is not just a guide. We work hard for this every day and create tangible gains. Although we are in the most challenging period in the crane industry, we have developed eight new crane products with advanced technology in 12 months, and also have the best towers in the industry. People have carried out a large number of theoretical and Experimental Research on the screw machine design schemes. The continuous investment in mobile product line is enabling us to obtain the upgrading of innovative mobile cranes. At the same time, we have also made changes in other aspects to ensure that manitowak will always become a professional crane company that can both develop stably and respond sensitively in the next decades

Q: obviously, our efficiency in the development of new crane products has been greatly improved. What do you think of these new products

President: at the 2017 CONEXPO, we exhibited 12 new crane models. Among them, grove TMS truck crane and grt655l off-road wheel crane took only six months from design concept to prototype production. These new cranes fully demonstrate our innovative ability in the general technology and platform of the whole line of products. For example, the design technology of non lubricated boom filling and CCS control system have added a lot of value to our customers. These new cranes also further prove that the manitowac method allows us to quickly integrate the needs of customers into the manufacturing of real products, and brings endless source power to drive technological innovation and create value. (to be continued)

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