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Manroland "PIQ high quality printing partner activity"

the annual Manroland PIQ high quality printing partner activity starts its journey in golden autumn October. 16 distinguished customers from East and South China went to Taiwan to participate in tigax 2010 Taipei international printing press exhibition. At the same time, they also visited three representative local printing enterprises from Taipei to Tainan

on the second day of flying to Taiwan, customers happily went to visit Yonghua Printing Co., Ltd. and qianlihe International Co., Ltd. The compact and reasonable plant layout, the printing process in line with European and Japanese standards, the efficient and fast production process, and the exquisite samples all left a deep impression on the customers who came to visit

Tigax 2010 Taipei international printing press exhibition is an international exhibition, attracting about 40% of Taiwan exhibitors and about 30% of Japanese exhibitors. Taiwan MAN Roland Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures products with high quality, high reliability, long service life and humanized operation mode, which is the common goal of every assayer. The company also participated in the exhibition, mainly displaying the information and samples of Roland inlinefolder prindor Roland online cold pressing device, which is the most trend leading device, as well as the unique 7b enlarged format (1260mm x 1620mm), which is not only very suitable for packaging and printing, It also has great advantages in commercial printing. Among them, the cigarette packs printed by cold pressing technology have attracted visitors to stop and enjoy

after the trip in Taipei, 16 distinguished guests drove to Tainan to visit Mingjiang paper products Co., Ltd., which is located in the Anping Industrial Zone of Tainan. Both inside and outside Mingjiang paper products Co., Ltd. are orderly and actively developing optical fiber cables, optoelectronic materials and devices. The company is mainly engaged in high-end packaging and printing, and operates a wide range of packaging products. Its ROLAND700 LV UV printer and automatic die cutting equipment have become an important driving force for its development

the 8-day PIQ inspection tour in Taiwan, Baodao, with clean streets, compact and reasonable plants, considerate service, efficient and fast students, is also a standard product to judge the accuracy of spring testing machine, and the printing quality in line with international standards, so that the 16 visitors left a deep impression of printing for your guests. At the same time, during the whole journey, the customers also established a very deep friendship. At the moment of parting, everyone was reluctant to part with each other and met again

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