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Manitowak has manufactured more than 5000 Potain tower cranes in China

manitowak has manufactured more than 5000 Potain tower cranes in China

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manitowak's factory in Zhangjiagang, China has manufactured more than 5000 pot tower cranes that seriously affect the environment. YTL company of Malaysia, which occupies a leading position in the international construction industry, purchased the 5001st tower crane manufactured by Zhangjiagang factory. The reasons for this are: the air in the hydraulic system of the zigzag testing machine was not eliminated, the force measuring piston rod was zigzag or not in the correct position, the friction force of the force transmission system was uneven, and the delivery ceremony was held in the factory

ytl purchased this MCR 225 a Potain tower crane from its dealer infraxtec engineering, which has been Potain's Malaysian dealer since 2008. YTL purchased its first Potain tower crane in 1984. At present, the company's crane fleet has 10 MCR 225 a cranes. Yow Chee Keong, plant and machinery manager of YTL, said that more Potain cranes must be purchased in the future

manitowak has manufactured more than 5000 Potain tower cranes in China

"we have a Potain tower crane since 1984, and recently invested in seven new cranes, because Potain has been significantly improved," he said. "These cranes have excellent performance, easy operation and simple installation. The standard sections of the tower body are interchangeable and easy to maintain. I believe we will buy more Potain tower cranes in the future."

YTL's Potain crane plays a role in many large construction projects in Malaysia and Indonesia. Seven MCR 225 a cranes newly purchased by the company will participate in the construction project of fennel Sentul in Kuala Lumpur. In the next three and a half years, these cranes will work 16 hours a day on the construction site to help build four 43 story tall buildings. Their main task will be to lift precast planks and 40 meter long steel walls. At present, three of the cranes are on the construction site, and the rest will arrive in the next few weeks. After the completion of the project, these cranes will be relocated to a nearby comprehensive development project site according to the existing arrangements to participate in the construction of four 50 story tall buildings

Zhangjiagang factory

Zhangjiagang factory was put into operation in 2006. It uses the most advanced technology and precision machinery to produce cranes that meet manitowac's global quality standards

with the rapid growth of China's economy, manufacturers must make corresponding adjustments. Although price is important, it no longer dominates everything. The senior vice president of manitowac tower crane can compare with foreign products in terms of accuracy, performance stability and appearance modeling. Jean Noel daguin said that the market demand for high-performance cranes using new technology is rising, and Potain has various advantages to meet the needs of customers

"we combine Chinese manufacturing capacity with European design to produce the highest quality tower cranes in China," he said. "All of our crane structural parts are made in China, but the latest technology from our sister factories in France is adopted. The construction period of the engineering contractor is getting shorter and shorter, and the workload is getting larger and larger, so they pay attention to the reliability of the crane and no longer haggle about the cost. The performance of our crane far exceeds the expectations of the engineering contractor."

today, Zhangjiagang factory, covering an area of 60000 square meters, produces various models of Potain tower cranes, with lifting capacity ranging from 2.5 tons to 25 tons; In addition, the plant also produces a variety of parts for Manitowoc crawler cranes and grove mobile cranes. Our cranes made in China are playing an important role in construction projects all over the world. More than half of the products of Zhangjiagang factory are shipped abroad

manitowak's history of manufacturing cranes in China dates back to 1984, when Potain signed a license agreement with three state-owned enterprises to manufacture tower cranes. In the mid-1990s, manitowak and Ling Hong Group jointly established a joint venture, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Potain in 2000 without the use of tape, and was fully incorporated into manitowak a year later

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